Lionel polar express o gauge accessories,n gauge engine kits,miniature cameras for model trains - PDF 2016

For the first time ever in O Gauge, The Polar Express Train Set is available with remote control operation! Fitted with the new LionChief Remote Control system by Lionel, engineers young and old have complete control over their Polar Express trains by an easy-to-use remote. RailSounds RC sound system with steam chuffing and engine background sounds, whistle, bell, and useractivated announcements.

Over at Amazon, the O-Gauge Polar Express Set is over $110 off the list price - quite a deal! Ever since we came across this image in the OGaugeRR Forums , we've been totally fascinated by this layout.
You'll feel a difference in the smooth operation of the Berkshire locomotive, and hear more realism in the locomotive sounds.

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