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Discovery Plastics has a black Volkswagen parked out front and a Continental Mark II on the side - with a mechanic working under it. Behind it is a '56 blue and white Ford Fairlane, a mostly-hidden forklift carrying a 4'x8' sheet of masked Plexiglas and a Divco van from Dugan's Bakeries. In 2006, I purchased a set of five MTH Congressional-style cars in ribbed silver with Tuscan stripe and 'Pennsylvania' in gold letters. Click on a specific Make, Road #, Type, Gauge or Condition to list only those matching records. 31752 #2269W B&O Diesel Freight Set [6-31752] - $749.99 : America's Best Train, Toy & Hobby Shop! IMPORTANT: For your protection and to prevent malicious use, all emails sent via this web site are logged and the contents recorded and available to the store owner. I decided to convert from Lionel "O" and "O-72" to GargravesTM with Ross Custom SwitchesTM.

The Ross Custom SwitchTM turnouts are powered for the most part by by TortoiseTM switch machines, two in hard to reach places are powered by Z-Stuff TM DZ1000 switch machines. Track power is controlled using four Type "Z", one Type "V", and one Type "K" transformers . Power for lights (LED's too) and accessories will come from two Type "B" and four Type "T" Transformers.
Power for the TortoiseTMswitch machines will be from an old American Flyer transformer through a rectifier to 12V DC. Ed Carter has figured out a way to eliminate the incompatibility problem that exists with MTH Protosounds units and Lionel's TMCC. I've just added six ASC 3000 Controllers to control up to 48 separate accessory functions via the CAB-1 of the Lionel TMCC. The Bascule Bridges are set up to work with Lionel's Trainmaster Command Control (via SC-1) or conventionally with a push button.

Ads like these, plastered on available wall space, were a common sight in the 1940s and 1950s. A white and green PTC GM 'fishbowl' bus can be seen at the right, near the PTC information booth. On the next level, the Pennsy Aerotrain emerges from the tunnel - making a station stop, while the ascending PRR freight consist, pulled by EMD diesel, enters the tunnel - squeezing past a PRR maintenance van.

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