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Making its debut in Lionel's 1934 catalog, the 1835E still embodied the accumulation of 33 years of skill, craftsmanship, and experience, but for a more affordable price then its predecessor the 385E. Advertised in Lionel's 1934 catalog as one of the largest and most powerful locomotives built, the 385 and 1835E's were much less expensive then they're larger counterparts, the 400 and 392E. Operators looking for a more modern feel may find the Contemporary version of this locomotive more appealing. In the summer of 1934, Hudson 5344 entered New York Central's West Albany shops; before year-end, it emerged as the Commodore Vanderbilt, America's first streamlined steam locomotive. While the actual Commodore was never paired with streamlined stainless steel cars, Lionel created its own modern train by matching the 265E with chrome-plated articulated cars borrowed from its Flying Yankee model - oddly predicting the prototype Empire State Express, a 1941 NYC train that coupled a different streamlined Hudson with gleaming Budd-built passenger cars. One of the last truly tinplate locomotives, the 255E manufactured by Lionel in 1935 and 1936 exclusively, included a 263W whistle tender set but was never available for separate sale.
Only one other engine ever received Commodore-style streamlining: In 1936 a NYC Mohawk was streamlined to lead the Rexall Train.

The 1835E included a patented hinged boiler front, which concealed a working headlight bulb, and colored signal lights and number plates, which were all, illuminated by the same lamp.
Like all MTH Tinplate trains, the #9E is a precise reproduction of the Standard Gauge classic.
By the following February, the Commodore was heading NYC's premier train, the Twentieth Century Limited. The 255E contained the same boiler, frame, whistle, and 2-4-2 wheel arrangements as the late 260E but without the chugger.
255 on the engines side plates, this locomotives gunmetal coloring and nickel trim were trademarks of Lionel's tinplate models produced after 1934.
Proclaiming “The Depression is over!” and sporting car names that included Firstaid, Kantleek, and Ad-Vantages, the train barnstormed across 47 states to showcase the wonders of the United Drug Company’s (Rexall) products.
This 2-4-2 locomotive offered all of the same understated details as the 385E only at price that could appeal to any model-railroading enthusiast. The body and chassis are made entirely of stamped metal and all painted surfaces are finished in vibrant baked enamel. This model was one of the first to receive a semi gloss finish rather then the traditional high-gloss finish, which graced locomotives produced before 1934.

Though the locomotive would later succumb to die-cast boilers and scale detail, this model accurately recreates all of the details specific to the 255E. Immensely popular with the public, the blue-and-white train was immediately modeled by Lionel, cataloged as The Blue Streak from 1936–38. From children to adults, setting up the trains and designing elaborate tracks provides a fun way to relax.
The 1835E's simple body and modest paint scheme allow for the quality and history of this locomotive speak for itself. Dubbed the most spectacular development in model railroading the 255E with its authentic locomotive whistle and the rhythm of its double action pistons and driving rods is characteristic of a great Mogul of the Rails. Imagine you’re a child in the Depression-weary 1930s, when these Commodore Vanderbilt sets captured the excitement and optimism of the newest thing on American rails.
New to the 1935 catalogue, the 255E along with the red 613 series passenger cars still make up one of the rarest prewar passenger sets ever produced.

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