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In this part we’ll look at how Lightworks imports files and deals with different codecs.
We left two threads hanging in Part One: how resolution and frame rates are handled in Lightworks. If you understand and can work with these limitations you’ll be a whole lot happier with Lightworks. Copy Local – Lightworks copies the file to the project folder (called material drive), from whatever source drive it resides in. If you choose Transcode, you can click on Video Processing… to decide the exact codec you want to transcode to. Preferred video wrappers are AVI, MXF or MOV (with Quicktime installed) though others are accepted as well. The ‘new’ entrant to the H.264 family is just an interpretation of the codec with interframe turned off. AVCHD is a ‘version’ of the MPEG-4 AVC specification, or H.264, and Lightworks Pro supports AVCHD via the import method mentioned above. Make sure you copy all the files in the media card folder to your source footage drive, keeping the folder name and structure intact.
XAVC is supported natively in 4K by Lightworks Pro (but squeezed down of course), via the import method mentioned above. This applies to files from both the XF series cameras as well as the Cinema EOS line (Cxxx). HDV is still supported natively, in both transport stream form as well as wrapped as MOV, etc.
You are restricted to the settings you have selected in camera, which is embedded in the RMD file. Lightworks Pro supports DNxHD via the import method mentioned above – but only with an additional purchase.
Lightworks Pro supports image sequences via the import method mentioned above, up to 16-bit.
Read page 180 of the user guide to know how EDLs should be prepared prior to importing in Lightworks.
EDLs should work, but why anybody should want to import sequences from other NLEs to Lightworks is beyond me. In Part Three we’ll look at how Lightworks exports sequences, and how you can integrate it with third-party finishing applications.
Posted in NLE Lightworks and tagged 4K, 5k, aaf, arriraw, avchd, bwf, canon, cinemadng, codec, DNG, dnxhd, DPX, edl, file format, H.264, image sequence, import, importing, jpeg, lightworks, lightworks pro, lwks, mpeg-2, omf, png, prores, psd, r3d, RAW, red, sony, TGA, tiff, wav, wrapper, xavc, xdcam. Lightworks genis codec destegi sayesinde neredeyse tum formatlar uzerinde kolayca video duzenlemenize olanak tan?r. Eger ihtiyac?n?z olan guclu ve ucretsiz bir video duzenleme arac?ysa, Lightworks arad?g?n?z program olabilir. Not: Program? ucretsiz olarak kullanmaya baslayabilmek icin, uretici sitesine kay?t olarak, e-posta adresinize gonderilen kodu programa girmeniz gerekmektedir. Lightworks is a commercial and proprietary NLE (Non-Linear Editor) for Linux and Windows platforms (soon on Mac).
As a matter of fact, I couldn’t find anything equivalent (other proprietary NLE) to Lightworks for Linux Platform.
Lightworks is at the same level as Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere etc, so we are talking about an editor with hundreds of features.
Obviously, I’m not comparing these 4 programs between them, because you need to have a very good knowledge of all 4 (and few people have it!), but the point is that Lightworks has many advanced functions that you will only find in the very professional video editing applications. When we are using Blender just for adding titles and some titles effects in our videos, we got the idea how in-mature the free NLE programs still are. Unfortunately, Lightworks is far better from open source solutions like Open Shot, Pitivi, Kdenlive etc, even in the very simplest of tasks, like making a sequence without any effects.

Additionally to the many individual guides you will find on YouTube, Lightworks offers some video tutorials in their official site. Downloading options offer RPM and Debian packages, but if you are running something else, you just can extract those and run the binary. I do not have a dual screen which is a kinda a core requirement for video editing, so no idea how Lightworks works with Shell there. Lightworks это действительно отличная программа для профессионального редактирования видео, и она, спешу Вас обрадовать, наконец то стала доступна для общего пользования в операционной системе Linux, которая опубликована пока в бета-версии. Mit dem Lightworks Download bekommt ihr eine professionelle Software fur den Videoschnitt, die auch bei Film und Fernsehen zum Einsatz kommt und jede Menge Werkzeuge bietet, die auch gehobenen Anspruchen gerecht werden. Der Lightworks Download bringt euch eine professionelle Schnittsoftware auf den Rechner, mit der bereits viele Kino- und Fernsehfilme am Computer geschnitten wurden. Used to cut films such as Pulp Fiction, The Departed, The King's Speech and Shutter Island, this lightning fast editor also supports GPU assisted decoding. Lightworks editing software is used for years by many TV channels, companies and film studios whhich are producing documentaries and movies. Among these include Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese's film editor, awarded two Oscars for The Aviator and The Departed, Tariq Anwar with The King's Speech as well as many talented editors have assembled with the software success in Hollywood for example Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible, Batman, Braveheart. EditShare also offers a Linux version, which came in alpha stage in October with more than 6 months of delay on its original schedule release, which should go into beta on April 30. To facilitate the transition to Lightworks assemblers from other apps mounting Lightworks has a series of shortcuts similar to those of the major NLE and allowing a smoother transition keyboard. Lightworks, a professional video editing and mastering software, is finally available for Linux, as a public beta. Lightworks has been used in renowned Oscar and Emmy Award award-winning films, including The King's Speech, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction or Braveheart. You can take a look at all these known issues on the Lightworks Beta for Linux downloads page. 1080p is limited to 30 fps, which is also somewhat limiting (for lack of a better word) but not really a problem in a broadcast or cinema pipeline. It is unclear if and when greater functionality will come to the software, especially since it’s going open source soon.
The only common format you have for HD is DVCPRO 100 (another name for DVCPRO HD, 100 Mbps).
At its core Lightworks is a simple and straightforward NLE that just does its job without much fanfare. Program sezgisel kontrolleri, gelismis gercek zamanl? efektleri ve essiz coklu kamera duzenleme ozellikleri sunmaktad?r. Das Besondere an der Software, die vergleichbar mit den teuren Lösungen von Avid, Adobe oder Sony Vegas ist, besteht darin, dass es auf dem Weg ist, Open-Source zu werden.
Kompatibel ist sie mit Windows-Systemen - 64 Bit-Versionen von Vista und Windows 7 inklusive.
Lightworks has a quite minimal and easy to learn -yet powerful- interface, so if you are coming from other environments like FCP, you won’t have any problem to get used to it, maybe after 3-4 hours. You can download and try it for free (it will take you just 5′) and decide if it works or not for you! Die Software kam beispielsweise bei den Filmen Pulp Fiction, Batman und Departed zum Einsatz. Editors who use Light work is most often appreciate it and they entering into a most passionate relationship with it.
Linux users, especially in academic and research activities are welcomed with joy the arrival of Lightworks on their OS, seeing it as an alternative to professional level based on OS X or Windows often more costly solutions. The publisher has announced that it will take time because the platform is the most competitive for mounting solutions-all major publishers (Avid, Adobe, Apple) offering a Mac version of their NLE-, EditShare will not miss entering the Mac market with this new version of Lightworks. There are some unofficial Fedora rpm files but this is not an officially supported distribution.

There’s nothing wrong in this, because Avid Media Composer and many other NLEs work the same way. The user guide curiously neglects to mention how to import AAF into Lightworks, so maybe that’s a hint. Der Lightworks Download unterstutzt samtliche relevanten Dateiformate in SD uber HD und 2K bis hin zu Red 4K. Some refuse to work with other softwares of Non Linear Editing unlike many editors who work on other editing software and go without a second thought from one to the other depending on the project or customers.
In 2010, EditShare has also announced its intention to propose open source code software, but it has not been done because the various developments and developers who have worked on previous versions make complicated it with its legal part.
In addition, Lightworks has an advanced Trim function, which allows for a single operation, which demand more in another NLE. There’s also this forum post that tells us the AAF might be audio only, and nobody has confirmed or denied it. Derzeit ist Lightworks in der Public-Beta-Phase und steht sowohl professionellen Anwendern als auch Hobby-Cuttern zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung.
First of all,It was proposed in May 2012 after 18 months of beta Windows version with 4000 beta testers. Last week, during the NAB, the "High Mass" of video professionals who stood in Las Vegas, EditShare has given more details about the Mac version of Lightworks, which was announced a bit early (in 2010, EditShare spoke of the end of 2011). Until we have a Mac OS X a little advanced, we can only watch that offer Linux and especially Windows, currently the most successful versions. An Autosave function keeps not only backs-up incremental project, but all the keys pressed, the actions taken and changes made in the project. Die Software ist als Freeware-Version mit eingeschrankter Funktionalitat sowie als kostenpflichtige Pro-Ausgabe mit vollem Funktionsumfang erhaltlich. Lightworks publisher also present as "NLE designed by editors for editors," emphasizing that the development strategy particularly based on listening and collaboration established with an active community of editors.
In a few weeks, a small group of editors will put in place, using a pre-alpha version (or "closed alpha"), for a few months will help the publisher to develop the true alpha. EditShare developers have designed a data sharing solution for mounting several projects in Media Composer or Final Cut Pro some time ago.
In fact, for those looking at working with slow-motion footage, it might as well be a deal breaker.
This alpha "open" will be available to the public around the IBC 2013 to be held in Amsterdam in September. The software offers a large number of "containers" (AVI, QT, MXF etc) and codecs (including Avid DNxHD, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD, DPX, H.
This experience has helped to develop a collaborative solution for sharing media and get real-time multiple editors, each with read access and write access to the project. Lightworks offers advanced Multicam function: it allows you to mount images from multiple cameras with a synchronization and choice of angles in real time. This allows you to mount videos shot with different formats without having to transcode clips. EditShare also offers a "console" hardware, which emulates a table mounting rotating prism KEM (Keller-Elektro-Mechanik) or Steenbeck type and allows you to save time editors limiting their use keyboard.
Always at the strengths, it should be noted that a project can be taken on different versions of Lightworks instantly, allowing editors on Windows, Linux and Mac soon, to exchange files freely. Lightworks is however expected to benefit from a certain compatibility with Red Giant Looks and plug-ins for After Effects and Eyeon Digital Fusion.

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