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This will work great as I have a lot of Bachman track to adapt with the Power loc track to make my railroad system work. Power-Loc is available in HO and N Scales, with steel rails or nickel-silver, with gray or black roadbed. Its patented design eliminates pesky rail joiners, and its side-locking mechanism snaps together easily and quickly.
Power-Loc features a solid roadbed base so you can set up the track on many surfaces, including carpeting, eliminating the need for layout boards, nails, screws and other tools.

The adapter track works with other roadbed systems as well as conventional track that uses rail joiners.
The track clicks together instantly, while its offset design makes the strongest track connection ever. The assembled track won't bend so you can pick it up, hang it on a wall or store it under a bed. Overall Power-Loc's superior locking mechanism ensures the smoothest connection possible between track pieces, which means fewer derailments and perfect electrical contact - guaranteed.

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