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Without a doubt the 2085 is one of the most beautiful and fascinating locomotives on the LGB roster.
Working headlights and taillights provide light for the engineer with automatic directional control.
Last chance to own this LGB classic Mogul Steam Locomotive with smoke and lights - all aboard!
The new eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder is the up and coming standard of the exquisite garden model railroad sound decoders. Additionally, 11 function outputs including 3 light outputs and 4 contact inputs are available which makes this unit exceptionally versatile. The integrated sound power amplifier with 6 independent sound channels sets the standard in today's locomotive sound simulations. The XLS is delivered with a HiFi loudspeaker (57 mm - depending on loco selected) with a metal cap and an interface cable for LGB and Aristocraft DCC. Massoth Pulse Smoke Generators include a smoke generator, heating element, all cables and instructions.
The Pulse Smoke Generator for retrofitting your Steam and Diesel Locomotives, cabooses or buildings.

For steam locomotives the smoke is synchronized by loco axle rotation via a Massoth 8242030 eMOTION Pulse Generator Set pulse generator or by a Massoth eMOTION Sound Decoders synch output. The high performance pulsed smoke generator (19V) provides the programmable SUSI-Interface. The synchronization pulse may be produced by a wheel pulse generator or by a eMOTION decoder (XL Motor Decoder or XLS Sound Decoder).
Pulse Smoke Generator on Shourt Line steam loco mounting board ready for installing into an LGB 2085 boiler. Per visionare il listino prezzi LGB e la disponibilita dei prodotti consulta il catalogo on line.
The cylinders are lined by hinged steam pipes that are attached to the locomotive chassis to pass steam from the low to the high pressure cylinders, respectively mounted fore and aft.
With its handsome lines, intriguing drive rod and valve gadgetry and articulating drive assemblies the Mallet is a joy to behold as it pulls long trains through switches and around curves The mode is can negotiate even the tight curves since both of the drive assemblies articulate.
The XLS features a powerful output stage for up to two motors (3 AMPS) as well as 1 AMP for sound, light, and other functions.
The settings and functions of the decoder may be set with the DiMAX PC Module and may be used in analog mode.

State of the art DATAFLASH technology and the latest programming procedures enable the reloading of sounds and software directly via the track. When used with a Massoth Sound Decoder the sound and steam chuffs are perfectly synchronized. By this means the Mallet generates a great deal of power since the exhaust steam from the first cylinder group develops more pressure as it passed into the second cylinder group.
Each drive assembly has its own motor which makes the Mallet one of the most powerful locomotives. The eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder delivers optimum characteristics for analog and digital operation.

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