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Complete set - just connect the included brass track into a 4 foot circle, connect the track to the power pack, plug into any outlet, and run your railroad. 12 sections of LGB R1 radius solid brass track ~ four foot diameter when assembled into a circle.
Comes with power pack for train power and also accessories such a lamp posts or switch tracks. Runs on DC, DCC, or MTS power (Use loco address 0 for analog or add a Massoth M decoder or LS for sound and full remote control.
Protected Gearboxes each with a Powerful Bühler 7 pole DC motor for max pulling power. 2ea Shourt Line Drop Ceiling Lighting Fixture with 4 LED wide angle warm white lighting fixtures and assembled LGB male and female power connectors at each end of the fixture. Shourt Line SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture with wires and LGB power plugs included and installed in the cab for interior illumination.
SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture back side showing voltage regulated LED potted for waterproof or underwater operation. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture front side with optional two pins for adding additional LEDs. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture with 18 inch wires added for installation in the loco's cab. SL-8201210 5mm Warm White LED fixture mounted in the cab and plugged into the locos power socket for easy install in minutes.
A Note about "Buyer's Guides" We post these descriptions to help you make informed decisions and to learn what is available, even if the suppliers we usually recommend have a short supply. Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains or other purchases are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site.
The good news is that at the moment (I use the word "moment" on purpose), starter sets from Piko and LGB are available.
Longtime readers may notice that, where we used to have two or more vendor links for each product, most of the trains now just a link to Amazon. On the other hand, if you click on a train and it only shows one supplier, don't assume you can wait until December to order and still get one. Bachmann's Large Scale trains are accurately detailed models of real narrow-gauge trains that used to run in North America.

Bachmann Starter Sets include a power pack, a speed controller, and an illustrated Bach Man instruction manual. Several of Bachmann's recent and most popular sets are shown below, including popular sets that were just reintroduced. Bachmann Pennsylvania Passenger Set - The Pennsylvania Railroad was once the longest railroad in the world. Bachmann Union Pacific Freight Set - The Union Pacific Railroad was actually started during the Civil War, running westward from Iowa, with the hope of connecting with another railroad coming East from California. This 4-6-0 locomotive has the funnel-shaped smokestack of mid-to-late 1800s locomotives which might have to burn wood - the big smokestack was designed to help catch cinders which might otherwise land on the coach roofs and cause a fire.
Note for 2014: Lehmann, the company that made LGB, had serious financial troubles even before the recession started. LGB Big Train - LGB's very first locomotive was a model of a small Austrian locomotive called the Stainz. Note for 2014: Piko has been making model railroading products for all popular scales for decades. Piko SF Freight Starter Set - This locomotive is based on real 0-6-0 "docksider" locomotives that were built by Porter and Baldwin to serve industries and small switchyards where a big, heavy switcher wasn't required.
I've put this in a separate window since they are actually made a little differently from the Bachmann Big Haulers at the top of this page. Bachmann's Thomas with Annie and Clarabel - Bachmann's Large Scale Thomas the Tank line is pretty solid and lots of fun. Li'l Big Hauler Short Line Train - Bachmann's Li'l Big Hauler line includes a kid-friendly locomotive and two "shortie" passenger cars.
German Made Starter set has been upgraded with Shourt Line LED lighting products for loco cab illumination and interior passenger car illumination from track power via the LGB power pack or any AC, DCC or DC voltage from 4-30 volts.
Note the holes in the vertical side of the power plugs above for connecting additional lighting power as shown below.
Installed in the roof of each passenger car for full car illumination and no unsightly circuit board, electronic parts or wires.
It features 4 bezel mounted LEDs in a drop ceiling fixtures for full illumination at extreme low track voltage operation (4 to 30Volts DC, AC or DCC). Each starter set includes a loop of track and a power supply so you can it them up around the Christmas tree or whatever as soon as you open the box (although you generally need to buy larger track circles to use them effectively outside).

If you need a particular product, but you don't see it on our pages, or the supplier's page says they are sold out, let us know, and we'll try to help you find one elsewhere. For more information or to purchase from one of our suppliers, please click on a "Check Stock" button.
To be fair, 99% of PRR's trains were "standard gauge," which would be a slightly different proportion than this train, but, because of acquisitions, PRR ran a number of narrow gauge routes in the "Western Division" right up until 1930. The locomotive has an operating headlight, smoke, speed-synchronized sound, and a coal tender. The Bachmann Starter Sets page was set up to link to other Bachmann Large Scale products you may find helpful. All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 by Paul D. Complete with Solid bass track, power supply with quick connect track wire clips, a steam loco with directional lighting, two passenger cars and all original literature, instructions, packing and box. Also included 2 sets of Shourt Line SL 4128210 LGB round mini-banana power connector kit: 2 plugs, 2 sockets red & black power loco power and female sockets for powering cars to the rear of the train. You will almost certainly "outgrow" any of these sets as you get more into the hobby, but in the meantime, they give you something to experiment with and to let the kids or grandkids run when they come over.
Models of narrow-gauge trains tend to be charming and to look old-fashioned compared to models of standard-gauge trains. They also include an oval of track (14-20 pieces) useful for running indoors, but not solid enough for outside use. However, when LGB became unavailable around 2007, one group of former LGB importers began importing Piko trains to have something to sell. Shown above with our Shourt Line SL 4128210 LGB round mini-banana power connector kit; 2 plugs, 2 sockets red & black for solder less and easy wire connection via screw driver. They also tend to be larger in scale, so the figurines and accessories that go with them are larger and less likely to get lost in the undergrowth.

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