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Hi all barely a few short clips of my 9ft x 4ft oxygen Gauge manakin Railway all in LEGO operating at the 2011 Large. I have been looking around online at various forums related to model trains, it seems that none really cover L gauge trains at all.
I believe a lot of this is jealousy as the crowd around the lego train display is usually 3 deep all day whereas some dusty old n scale set-up might be lucky to have 3 people stop and look in an hour.
When parents complain about paying AU $300 for a Lego train set, I always make 2 points.
Sometimes they will come back and ask more questions about Lego trains so their kids can get into trains.
A lot of the Lego train sets have been based on real trains and some of them are classics; the Metroliner and Emerald Night stand out.
Some of the 12V trains were very good models of real trains and the current models are excellent as they are built from a larger range of elements.
At train shows, the kids decide what they like the best; it is usually a race between the Lego and Thomas. We even have a few of the ho scale people come over and chat as their own kids have deserted their display and spent hours watching the real action. Even with my love for LEGO aside, though, what always brings me back to LEGO trains is the challenge of the build. There's a large amount of work that goes into each model and scene, every detail you have to craft yourself however you see fit from a limited parts choice. As well as that, what could be more enjoyable than a train set that can crash and be rebuilt relatively easily, which provides endless possibilities of scenery and different ways of doing things? Having been invited to a train show last year I experienced the negative feelings towards Lego at a train show, but by the end of the show I if not converts but at least a respect for the brick on rails from those commenting negatively.
I think it's the mental image that non-AFOLs have that Lego Trains will be a rather crude arrangement of basic bricks in primary colours that vaguely resembles the shape of a steam train.

With LEGO trains it is all about or at least more about creating the whole thing, the train obviously being essential. At the couple train shows I've been to this past fall, I saw that the Lego was a definite attraction for the children to get into. In my view yes they are model trains, I have N and L ! Both have distinct differences, but some of those differences are no more than comparison of scale. L has the issue of not a huge range of trains, stock to buy, you actually have to design and make it all yourself, along with everything else. I wonder why this is the case and what if anything we can do as a hobby to change this and gain support for them? Then again, most scale modelers have never seen the sort of trains the people in our community make.
I do it because I like model trains and model making in general, and I also do it because I find working within the limits of a prototype forces me to get better at other building.
Getting to not only build but the design the engines themselves and then run them around the track feels like an accomplishment.
Something mass produced, while it is possible for it to be beautifully done, can never be as unique as someone's MOC of a loco or scene, built from the ground up, and as a result, they are usually not as engaging.
Surely LEGO has that over other model systems, you are limited only by your own imagination and patience, and the few LEGO track pieces. When people see what can actually be accomplished by more creative builders, they are more likely to develop a certain amount of respect, even if they're not really convinced it counts as model railroading.
I like the idea that if I get bored of a train I can make something completely different from it.
The fact that it happened to have some trains in it was rather by the way, the main thing was the town, country and what the over all picture looked like. Type A number of these Lego take clubs exhibit large model train layouts astatine various community functions train shows and Lego conventions such as BrickFest.

Many are not aware that Lego even makes trains (this comes up repeatedly for my club at train shows).
I certainly think Lego trains are real models and I'm continually impressed with what people manage to do with it. People like SavaTheAggie I think really show what you can do in the medium, and whenever I feel like showing someone an amazing LEGO train to make a point I know exactly where to look. I have found people usually love to see the details that have been achieved, rather than just been painted on or molded in. Speaking of track, LEGO track is more versatile than it at first would seem, even from a purist point of view.
I also agree with The Brickster that few scale guys actually design and build all of their equipment from nothing.
Modeling Southern California’s railways with an interactive flirt Train drift and Thomas the Brickshelf Extensive internet site to post and range photos of LEGO models including thousands of trains lego model trains. That’s whole the news show for right away as always bring your Lego train to matchless of our undecided plus so much Thomas More armed services themed models from builders around the cosmos. With Legos the result will never be perfect - thus a lego model is always an ongoing process - a quest to minimize imperfections if you will. To finish the story, though, I did manage to change his opinion after a picture of two of my GWR 5700. LEGOs have been an iconic part of childhood for decades but some sets have stirred beyond the Christmas wish list and into the collector’s.

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