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With the Friday arrest of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing investigation has entered a new phase.
To understand the Boston bombings within a larger context, National Geographic turned to terrorism expert David Schanzer, Director of the Triangle Center of Terrorism and Homeland Security at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy.
Given the facts of this case so far, do you expect that this attack was the work of just these two individuals, or a larger conspiracy?
Intelligence officials will be working for weeks and months to determine if the Tsarnaevs had any linkages to individuals or organizations outside the United States. The Tsarnaevs used a common construction for their weapon that was readily available on the internet and did not include liquid or plastic explosives, they made no effort to leave the country, they were poorly financed (otherwise why would they need to commit robbery), they did not target an event that would have meaning for an international audience, and they did nothing to publicize a political cause. The al Qaeda ideology is a mixture of religious, historical, political and economic themes that boil down to a claim that the West is at war with Muslims and must be confronted by violent means to enable Muslims and Islam to prosper. In general terms, how would you characterize the threat of Islamist terrorism to Americans on U.S. We also face the threat of homegrown terrorism, where individuals or small groups of Muslim Americans radicalize and engage in violence.
As we contemplate the Boston Marathon bombings, could you provide some statistical context for attacks of this type?
The Global Terrorism Database operated by the START Center at the University of Maryland has the most comprehensive listing of terrorist incidents around the world from 1970 to 2011. How does the Boston attack compare, in terms of casualties, scale, etc., to other terrorist attacks around the world? According to the database, there have only been 335 terrorist attacks since 1970 with over 100 casualties. We have also tightened our visa issuance process and border security (at a great cost to our international image and economy) so that it is much harder to enter the United States, especially from certain countries.
Some of the steps we have taken were counterproductive (the torture at Abu Ghraib prison, to name but one example). Muslims Americans have cooperated with counterterrorism and law enforcement officials across the country.
We did not learn anything from the so-called radicalization hearings that we didn't know beforehanda€”very few Muslim Americans are attracted to this ideology and even fewer are inclined to engage in violence in furtherance of it.
Are there common themes, or lessons to be learned, in looking at past incidents (the Lackawanna Six, Maj Nidal Hasan, Faisal Shahzad) that involved Muslim terrorists who had "assimilated" successfully into American life? One common strand is that many homegrown terrorists did not have a formal education and training in Islam. As you think about the Tsarnaev brothers, could you comment about the role of psychological pressure (with an older and more radicalized Tamerlan leading the younger and less committed Dzhokhar) in such cases?
Counterterrorism officials and terrorism scholars will be analyzing the Tsarnaevs for many years once more facts about them become available. The influence of loved ones can also be a powerful force toward radicalization, that can be especially influential on individuals with weak identities that feel isolated within a dominant culture. I also see similarities with the case in North Carolina with Daniel Boyd who radicalized his two sonsa€”all three of whom are serving lengthy prison sentences. If the past is an indication, what effect will this dramatic, highly publicized case have on popular sentiment towards Muslims in the U.S.?
The worst of the phenomenon faced by Muslims, however, is the extraordinarily well-financed and pervasive network of anti-Islamic haters who have poisoned the dialogue about Muslims and Islam in America.
NASA continued to add to its running story about man´s exploration of Mars Sunday night, as its latest rover Curiosity successfully landed on the Red Planet.
The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) entered the Martian atmosphere at 13,000 mph on Sunday night, delivering the rover to its new home planet. Here at NASA´s Jet Propulsion Lab, everyone let out a sigh of relief and cheered as the rover completed its 352 million mile journey to Mars, softly landing onto the surface unharmed. During the descent through the atmosphere about 80 miles above the surface, the heat shield did most of the work, slowing down the rover from 13,200 mph to 1,000 mph. At about 255 seconds after entry, MSL unleashed its parachute after entering into the Martian atmosphere and surviving the 3,800 degree Fahrenheit heat. After a couple of more miles, MSL jettisoned off its heat shield and exposed Curiosity for a view of its new home for the first time. The Backshell Separation, which had the parachute attached to it, left the rover to free fall for a few seconds at 180 miles per hour, until engineers fired up eight retrorockets to help guide the rover towards the ground similar to a jetpack.
Curiosity´s wheels and suspension system popped into place like a charm, and the Sky Crane was able to safely plop Mars newest citizen onto the ground. There was about a 13 minute delay between what was happening on Mars, and when NASA was able to find out about it.
Now, Curiosity sits at Gale Crater on Mars with the hope of being able to report back to scientists on Earth whether the planet has ever had conditions that were favorable to host life.
After landing, Curiosity´s computers switched from entry, descent and landing mode, to surface mode in order to start day one of its newly found life on Mars. NASA was able to receive the first images from its new rover just minutes after it landed on the surface. The images released by NASA are just thumbnails right now, but soon enough Curiosity will be releasing beautiful high-resolution photos of the Red Planet's surface.
At the press conference after the launch, Charles Bolden said this was an amazing achievement made by scientists around the world and NASA.

He said tonight, there are at least 4 countries that are on Mars, thanks to the United States engineering. NASA said that now, due to American engineering, there is an automobile-sized rover sitting on another planet.
You will be able to keep track of any new information available by staying connected to redOrbit.
You've probably noticed that the last article - Ivory Coast: Power Struggle endangers lives - was posted on this blog on December 17, 2010. 2010 was arguably the most productive year of my life so far simply because I entered into a contract with myself by way of written goals.
It is in this vein that you are encouraged to write down ALL your goals for 2011, if you've not done so yet. I wish to warn family, friends and the public about scams and fraudulent schemes offering or soliciting money in my name.
Born and raised in a middle class family with strong Christian values in Cameroon, Central Africa, I learned quickly that all natural persons are born free and equal in rights. Explore the BBC News News Sport Weather Shop Earth Travel Capital iPlayer Culture Autos Future TV Radio CBBC CBeebies Food iWonder Bitesize Travel Music Earth Arts Make It Digital Taster Nature Local Terms of Use About the BBC Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Help Parental Guidance Contact the BBC Advertise with us Ad choices Copyright © 2016 BBC.
This three-row crossover can receive brand new 3.5-liter V6 model Earth Dream engine redesigned special for the 2014 Honda Pilot.
This model will have the same hanging as Honda S2000, which is a real refreshment for this model, which we believe will have a lot of success in their competition. The former director of the Michigan Audubon Society has been hired as the new director of the Montana Audubon Center in Billings.
Jonathan Lutz, who headed the Michigan society for the past seven years, took over at the Montana Audubon Center on Dec. He was also the chief fundraiser for Michigan Audubon, and leaves behind an operation that had annual expenses of $650,000. The release also said Lutz hopes to bring a stronger focus on birds to the Billings center’s offerings of nature programs, while continuing to highlight the Yellowstone River ecosystem.
Lutz has already met with members of Montana Audubon’s primary local partner, the Yellowstone River Parks Association, and last Saturday he took part in the annual Christmas Bird Count with members of the Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society. The center’s goals include preserving and enriching wildlife habitat, connecting people with nature and providing important open space and public outdoor recreational opportunities in Billings.
About Ed KemmickMore by this authorEd Kemmick has been a newspaper reporter, editor and columnist since 1980. After weeks of strong cocktails, mediocre wine and lots of draft beer, we’ve decided to give our livers a break. For nearly four years, volunteers with the Yellowstone River Parks Association, individually or occasionally in small groups, have been working to prepare a regional park a few miles northeast of Billings. From Seattle, a reminder of why newspapers matterA few weeks back I wrote about how newspapers used to believe it was their obligation to watch paint dry—to keep a close eye on the process of local government. I don't want to be too depressing on a Saturday morning, but maybe if you never worked in the newspaper business this story will only be interesting, rather than terribly sad. Except for a stint in the service, Hank Armstrong has lived most of his 86 years in the house his grandparents built in 1910, seven miles east of Geraldine, Montana.
This site built with Project Largo from the Investigative News Network and proudly powered by WordPress. Yet to be uncovered are the motives of the bombersa€”the other suspect, Dzhokhar's older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed during a gun battle with authoritiesa€”and their possible connection to foreign groups that use terrorism to advance political agendas. Domestic law enforcement will be focused on whether there were accomplices that aided or abetted the criminal conspiracy. There are indications, however, that they were not part of a larger, sophisticated terrorist group. I believe it is certainly a possibility that one or both of the Tsarnaevs adopted this ideology and murdered innocent people in furtherance of it. Islamism is a political movement that seeks a strong or dominant role for Islamic principles in the governing of a society. The vast majority of these perpetrators have been apprehended before they could engage in violence.
The marathon bombing and the mayhem preceding the arrest of the final suspect caused 4 deaths and over 170 injuries, making it a significant and large mass casualty event. Is terrorism being used less now than it was a few years ago, or are we just not hearing so much about it? We eliminated the safe haven that al Qaeda enjoyed in Afghanistan and captured or killed hundreds of senior leaders and thousands of rank and file militants. And we have not eliminated the sources of grievance at the United States that gave rise to al Qaeda and could spawn other terrorist movements in the future. Every major Muslim American organization in the United States has consistently and vociferously denounced acts of terrorism, by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Studies show that a significant portion of the terrorism plots that have been thwarted are based on tips that have come from the Muslim American community.
Homegrown terrorism is a real threat and can have devastating consequences, as it did in Boston, but it is not a widespread phenomenon. Looking back, are there patterns of behavior (social estrangement, for example) that should have been a red flag?

It appears that many homegrown terrorists have strong questions about their identity in America.
Groups dynamics have been proven to have a radicalizing influence on group members in many contexts, include terrorist organizations and cells. Muslims face challenges from a variety of sources: official discrimination by government agencies, violent hate crimes against persons and property, blatantly prejudicial legislative efforts targeted at Muslim religious practices and subtle societal discrimination that impacts employment, housing, and other attributes of life in American. This movement has enabled what ought to be fringe views held by the intolerant and bigoted few to infect the mainstream, including some elements that hold power within our political system. The parachute popped out while the craft was still hurtling 900 mph towards the surface of Mars, which is the top speed of an F18 fighter jet. At this moment, the spacecraft´s radar began working, helping to give engineers a measurement at how far Curiosity is from the ground. While using the method, the rover was lowered down towards its landing target via the jet pack through cables, which were 25 feet long.
The space agency wasn't sure if it was going to be able to obtain any data from the rover, because Mars horizon was closing down, shutting off Curiosity's eye of communication with Earth.
He said the odds of success of landing a rover on Mars are about 40 percent, according to Mars spacecraft track record.
Hence, it goes without saying that until date, I have not wished all readers of this blog a Happy New Year 2011.
Write them down where you'd see them daily and be reminded of what you expect to achieve by the end of the year.
Anyone contacted purportedly by me or on my behalf in this regard should thoroughly verify the authenticity of the message. Its contemporary design will leave everyone speechless, because this SUV is perhaps the best thing Honda has to offer. Power is expected to get the order of 310 power units and 265 pound-feet of torque, and CVT is an additional part of the program, but only on the front-drive model. I am not associated with Honda manufacturer, and I'll try to provide reliable and relevant information on this subject. In his previous job as director of the Michigan Audubon Society, one of his responsibilities was to oversee the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, where a three-season study of Northern Saw-whet Owls has been active since 2000. He said he is eager to increase the number of Center Friends—the facility’s donor base—and work with the all-volunteer advisory council to promote the center’s program offerings. Except for four years in his home state of Minnesota, he has spent his entire journalism career in Montana, working in Missoula, Anaconda, Butte and Billings. This strange journey has given us a glimpse into many of Billings’ finest watering holes and we’ve enjoyed the escape.
This past weekend, their labors got an enormous boost from more than 500 volunteers in a project organized by Harvest Church. He is a local historian, seemingly familiar with every  square inch of land for miles around his native hearth and the stories of everyone who has lived there over the decades.
Central al Qaeda and its affiliate organizations around the globe still aspire to execute attacks inside America, but their capabilities to do so are dramatically diminished.
These individuals tend not to be highly skilled or capable terrorists, but as we saw in Boston, this does not mean that they cannot cause substantial harm. Homegrown terrorism is an ever-present threat, but even after this horrible week, it is a manageable one. There were 5008 attacks in 2011 alone, an all-time high (but keep in mind that there is much more reporting of incidents globally now than 40 years ago).
And what, if anything, did we learn from those hearings that should be applied to the Boston attack? And many Muslim Americans are actively rebutting radical ideology within their communities, in their mosques, and on the internet. Even if they go to an American school, are working in a decent job and live in a nice neighborhood, we can't assume that they are fully comfortable in American life and have reconciled the various strands of their identity, many of which may be in conflict. We saw something similar in the 2002 DC sniper case, with John Allen Muhammad and his follower Lee Boyd Malvo. Muslims and those who support their rightful place as part of the American tapestry will need to redouble our efforts in light of the Boston attacks. It would therefore be unfair and perhaps negligent for me to resume writing on a new year, after a fun-filled break on the coast of West Africa, without wishing you a happy and success-filled new year 2011.
It's been so long; I must begin with a sincere heartfelt apology for the long lapse in posting. Together enclosed is additional confirmation that the Pilot can refresh Associate in emergency nursing, only eighteen months when launched trigger lackluster response from critics.
He succeeded Darcie Howard, the longtime director who resigned last summer with plans to return to her East Coast roots.
Once a gravel mine, the site has been transformed by volunteers into habitat for wildlife and a year-round education center.
New Honda Pilot will look to be very similar to its predecessor, which is a very good proven.

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