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Ted Gowder, a regular visitor to this web site sent me some pictures recently of a 4-lane routed wooden HO raceway that he and several of his friends built.
The two photos above show the painted and elevated track before the steel power rails have been pressed into place. The rebar wire used for the power rails comes in 100 foot rolls, enough to do one entire continuous power rail around the whole track. The picture above shows the track power rails being pressed into place using a small wooden roller.
Regular 1x10 dimensional lumber was cut to varying heights to elevate and support the entire raceway approximately every running foot.
The 1x10 supports were cut with a very slight angle at the top to create a gentle banking towards the inside of each and every turn on the track.
Cut the slots for all of the turns first and then join them by routing the straights so they match up with the turns. Drill a small hole next to the rail pocket, just large enough to thread a 14 gauge stranded wire up from the underside of the track. The elevated track support system used for this routed wooden track is very similar to what model railroading hobbyists use for their fully landscaped layouts.
Woodland Scenics makes an entire line of light-weight landscaping products for model railroads and museum dioramas that are ideal for landscaping an HO raceway. Ted recommends that you build a small pilot track first before diving into a big 4-lane monster like the one described above. Scenery, structures and landscaping have been kept to a minimum, so as not to distract the eye of the racers. Building Site Accessories - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life.
Cats with Garbage Can - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life.
City People with Motorcycle - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Construction Workers - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life.
Cows - Black & White - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Cows - Brown & White - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Dogs with Fire Hydrant - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Maintenance Workers - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Seated Platform Passengers - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Standing Platform Passengers - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. Strolling Figures - HO ScalePopulate your layout with miniature figures from all walks of life. News: Check out the photo gallery link above or >click hereto see photos of recently announced products!

Dear BachmannAre you planning on updating your HO Thomas, Percy and James models that you made back in 2002? Just so you all know, there are only few changes in the large scale, and mostly because it larger, making it easier too add that little more detail. Look, Im as much hoping for an update to happen as you are, but looking at this from a realistic standpoint, its not going to happen. Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to your photos, your group or any other Flickriver view. Flickriver widget for iGoogle or Netvibes can display almost any Flickriver view - most interesting today, by user, by group, by tag etc.
While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on this button to open the same view on Flickriver.
A Greasemonkey script that adds Flickriver links to various Flickr photo pages - user photos, favorites, pools etc, allowing to quickly open the corresponding Flickriver view. While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. MDF is fairly flexible, so variations in elevation can be incorporated to create a track with more visual interest. Countersunk flathead wood screws were used to secure the routed MDF to the elevated supports. 16 gauge rebar tie wire, available at Home Depot or Loews can be pressed into the rail pockets using a wooden roller. A simple router compass can be fabricated from Plexiglas or hardboard to help route the turn slots.Drive a pin at the center of each turn you plan to cut and then move the compass so that it pivots on this pin. Press the rebar wire in place to pinch the power tap wire and then solder the joint for a good electrical connection.
There are a multitude of good model railroading landscaping books and web sites that can give you plenty of ideas for landscaping your wooden raceway. You can practice your router technique and woodworking skills on a small 2x4 foot piece of MDF. This particular track is 8x20 feet in size, but could easily be reduced in size to become a smaller HO scale raceway.
Sight lines are good and the table is low enough to allow seated or standing drivers to view the entire layout. If you like trains of all shapes and sizes and in particular like modeling in HO scale, then this is the museum for you. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view.
Now, almost 25 years later, there are 50 members of that club, and they develop model railroad modules. The information provided below should allow anyone with basic woodworking and routing skills to build a track using his simple techniques. Anyone with basic woodworking skills should be able to complete the project in 3 or 4 weekends. Trim and file the solder joint and then put a dab of the same gray paint you've used for the track surface to all but hide the power tap points. Try making a small 2-lane oval to familiarize yourself with the routing, rail laying and painting techniques required to build a routed wooden track.You can learn from your mistakes on this smaller layout before you commit to a larger raceway.

I visited it this past July 29th, 2012 (my 42nd birthday) and I greatly enjoyed my experience. The drawing is not to scale and will actually be much longer than shown and would normally have 12-20 sets of pivot points for varying turn radius sizes. All of the techniques you use to build your small test track will apply to the larger final track you build later on.
Earlier attempts using a hammer to seat the power rails resulted in flat spots in the wire. As for the paint changes, I am sticking to the fact that the updates would not be beneficial from a selling standpoint. The founder of this museum sold his home 20 years ago, purchased a historic NYC 1905 (301 ft.
Trains are running either in two or in three wire operation with analog or digital control. Even if they did have an open cab, and granted, your right that Duck has an open cab, and is only slightly larger, it would raise the cost of the engine substantially because they would need people to cut the molds and buy more detailed molds. The club room has become too small to show nearly 168 individual modules, so the model railroaders present their model train layout regularly at model train exhibitions.
Most other techniques involve routing a wide pocket to fit a flat steel rail and then a thin strip of plastic wedged in next to it to hold the rail in place. He and his family spent the next ~10 years restoring the building, trough many trials, tribulations and the loss of a close family member, making a space in it livable for themselves while making the rest operational as a museum. The last ten years have been spent building the layout and filling the museum walls with historic RR items and various vintage scale & toy trains. There are pictures about a trolleybus museum, scenes of a naturism beach, of the great central station and of a small city model with a model of the famous Wuppertal monorail. Henry, Gordon, Edward, Spencer, Emily, Donald and Douglas already have open cabs.The unreliable, annoying to disassemble chassis should be enough reason for Bachmann to redo the models to give the public one that is truly representative of their new products. The layout is still under construction however the areas that are complete have been very nicely and painstakingly done.
If people want these revisions to happen, then demand needs to increase, because money talks.
Even Hornby has changed their Thomas' face a few times, and Percys mold got updated at one point to hide the ex-wind up parts. If the market is made aware of new versions of Thomas, Percy and James, then it influences people to buy the newer versions, even those who have the current Thomas, Percy and James will surely want one that has a better hauling power and more accurate to the show!
You keep focusing on this one little cab thing, but not focus on my main points, such as a powerful efficient chassis. An open cab is such a small minor, optional point that I only brought out other examples because you said it wasn't possible to do in OO.
I didn't even assume that they would have an open cab in OO, since no other non-tender engines have, until you brought up the possibility. Revisions means an entirely new, revised model of Thomas, Percy and James that takes nothing from its previous versions.

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