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We supply landscape models to developers, builders, architects and model shops around the world. Our high speed milling process accurately creates the 3D landscape model from your DRAWINGS or DATABASE.
Whether you call them relief map models, 3D relief models, architectural site plan models, terrain models, 3d topography maps, topographic map models, topographical maps, raised , 3d topo map models, landscape models, contoured site models or - TOPO EXPRESS makes them. JTT Scenery Products is one of the world’s leading makers of handcrafted, miniature trees and landscaping materials for model railroad layouts, dioramas and craft projects.
Newsletters feature new products, special events and subscriber-only specials tailored to your hobby interests. In use by architects, set designers and movie studios around the globe, as well as by modelers and crafts experts, our Architectural Model Parts offer a variety of materials, patterns and choices.

These carefully designed parts save time and add believability to buildings, streetscapes, and just about any architectural scene. Selection includes Plastic Pattern Sheets, Urban Scale Micro Trees, Plain Automobiles, Plain Human Figures, Plain Light Poles and Model Skylights.
Want some helpful tips on making your layouts more creative using realistic scenery products? Our landscape models are precision cut from a solid piece of high density polyurethane foam.
You won’t find clumps of leaves, one dimensional plastic branches or lackluster colors. Our milling process accurately creates a landscape model model from your paper or digital contour map.

Our realistic foliage is light, airy and defined, not clumped together as on ordinary scale trees.
Our landscape models can be finished out and ready for final presentation, ready to drop your building into or supplied right off the machine for use as a study model or for your model shop to finish.

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