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Every child is an individual with a limitless capacity to create and explore so let them run wild with Kidkraft's wooden toys and room furnishings! KidKraft's bold, colorful toys and practical children's furniture are great for play time, education, and as heirloom pieces.
Imensul set de constructie din lemn Metropolis Train - KidKraft permite copiilor sa preia controlul intregului oras si dispune de un munte traversat de un tunel si de doua poduri mari, unul cu doua niveluri; unul din cele mai mari seturi de constructie din gama sa - include 100 de piese. The Metropolis Train Set and Table by KidKraft is probably the greatest epitome of my ideal wooden toy set. Aside from its elaborate play representation of a metropolis with 100 pieces of colorful wooden participants, its large rolling trundle is simply a great storage feature that I simply adore! KidKraft’s play version of the mini metropolis gives kids a colorful bird’s eye view of what it’s like out there, so they see the bigger picture of what they see from their car windows while on a road trip. I love that the train set lets them be creative, where they can freely create their own metropolis by putting their toy pieces anywhere they like. Putting my kiddie enthusiasm aside, my favourite part of the train set table is the rolling trundle because this inclusive storage helps kids learn to become industrious and responsible toy owners.
KidKraft manufactures toys and playsets that extremely satisfy the kids’ natural need for productive and imaginative play, such as rockers, play kitchens, dollhouses, train sets, outdoor playhouses and sandboxes, and lots more. KidKraft has been building safe and sturdy wooden toys and furniture that are timeless and durable enough to last a lifetime.
The train set is loaded with fun features and interactive pieces and the high-quality wooden table takes playtime off the floor. Kidkraft has been an industry leader in creating and manufacturing fun, safe and quality products since 1968.
KidKraft a fost infintata in 1968 cu scopul de a crea si fabrica produse distincte care sa aiba un impact pozitiv in cresterea si educatia copiilor.

Fotografiile au caracter orientativ si pot contine accesorii ce nu sunt incluse in pachetul standard al produsului. Aside from it being a beloved staple toy of every family for decades (or even centuries), it is earth-friendly because it’s recyclable. This is not just from my inner child point of view, but from my mommy point of view as well.
The frame is made of solid wood, and according to my husband it was quite fun to assemble as it comes with a really detailed manual instruction that clearly helped him build it step by step. It has an encompassing railway that goes through the whole metro, which means it has everything that a city would typically have. They also get to know about the different road structures, modes of transportation, and some community establishments and occupations.
It’s now a less headache for me on having to organize their toys all the time, because my big kid now loves to do it herself. And when it comes to bonding for siblings with not-so-small age gaps plus opposite sexes, this train set doesn’t disappoint. They also have fashionable kid-sized furniture and decor like tables, chairs, bookcases, storage solutions, step stools, vanities, toddler beds, outdoor playsets, and even themed room sets!
I wouldn’t be surprised if our Metropolis train set and table would be passed on to my future great grandchildren!
Because KidKraft was founded by engineers (yes, engineers!) the craftsmanship and integrity of their designs go beyond what meets the eye so you can be confident that your child is getting the best during play time.
Specificatiile tehnice sunt informative, in conformitate cu datele transmise de catre producatorii sau distribuitorii autorizati.
I personally prefer wooden toys over anything, and I think twice all the time when it comes to toys made of other materials such as plastic.

There’s the road for land vehicles, a tunnel, a bridge to cross areas separated by the sea, and even an airport with helipad! It’s obviously for boys, but my daughter likes to involve some of her little dolls and other girl’s toys in the set when it’s her turn to play.
And a lot of their product serve multiple functions: hink benches, beds, and even step stools with storage in them! I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link, at no additional cost to you. Ele pot fi modificate fara instiintare prealabila si nu constituie obligativitate contractuala, aceleasi conditii se aplica si pretului produsului. Yet I always make sure that the wooden toys I would get are high-quality, non-toxic, durable, and safe for all ages. There are all kinds of transportation: cars, trucks, buses, ship, airplane, helicopter, you name it! My little boy and big girl can play together as my mister toddler stands up while my school age daughter sits down.
I specially want them to be chunky enough to prevent choking hazards, and to be splinter-free! Vehicles would also pass by road signs and a lot of establishments such a gas station, police station, fire station, and road construction sites to name a very few, plus people with different occupations!

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