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All characters, images, comics and source material © by their respective copyright holders. The lowdownThis is the weblog of UK based digital creative IAIN CLARIDGE serving as a repository for random morsels of ocular delight, news, views, obsessions & expressions, for your inspiration & delectation. Enterbay Bruce Lee as KATO GreenhornetEnterbay’s Bruce Lee masterpiece, now continues with KATO from the Green Hornet! In 2012 Kato became a member of the SMKA production collective and continues to produce music for numerous major and independent artists. Brand new music video off Jarren Benton’s debut album with Funk Volume, My Grandmas Basement. Kato’s Revenge is the 5th production compilation by Kato of the SMKA collective out of Atlanta.
The Green Hornet movie comes out next month and it has come to my attention that despite the best efforts of Dynamite Entertainment to get everyone reading about the character, many people still have no clue who the Green Hornet even is. 1) The Premise – At first glance, the Green Hornet may seem like your standard Batman rip-off, but actually, the Green Hornet is the only superhero that I know of who actively portrays himself as being a villain. 2) The Side-kick – One could argue that Kato is even more recognizable than the Green Hornet himself. Basically, I just like supporting midwest writers and artists, so its great to see all three of these guys being the sort of Green Hornet braintrust.

Going back over this post, I realize that I haven’t really said much about the plot, characters, or themes other than gushing that they are so cool, and for that, I apologize, but its a simple comic, with a premise that is easy to get behind.
Sadly, my only real experience with him was in the Batman episode, but No one can deny that bruce Lee rivals pretty much every robin. Since its foundation in 1895 as a private enterprise, Kato has pride itself as being an innovator of the latest technology developing a range of mobile cranes, construction & industrial equipment to meet the demands of a constantly changing market.
Since first entering the overseas market in the 1950's, Kato has achieved sales of tens of thousands of machines, and is known in over 120 countries around the world, thereby rightly claiming to be a global company. Produced at the Gunma Plant, the Kato range extends from the 7 ton HD308US excavator to the 46 ton HD2045iii excavator.
Toywiz Malaysia will be bringing in limited quantities of this awesome figure and please check out the pictures attached here. During his early college years, he attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, where his love for creating music began. Not only was Kato played by the immortal Bruce Lee, but technically, Jet Li also played the character in Black Mask. Well, then you need to read Green Hornet Year One which is written by Matt Wagner (of Grendel, Mage, Batman and the Monster Men, and many many more). The Gunma range of Super Exceed excavators incorporate Katos latest design features, rewarding the owner with performance and efficiency second to none.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, and the story is such a great starter for anyone who is new to the Green Hornet franchise. Kato, our favorite Japanese ninja sidekick, recognizes signs of ninja involvement that can only imply that he is a target too. Unfortunately, the premise hasn’t quite been taken as far as it could, but its still a great hook to get readers interested. While I will always have a soft spot for all of the different incarnations of Robin (except for Jason Todd), Kato is far and away a more effective side-kick than any of the Robins have ever been (you have to admit that Damien is pretty hardcore though). Nitz has Kato take two philosophies of conflict (one by Doc Holliday, the other by Sun Tzu) to be the thematic frames of this book. How Kato compares each philosophy, while he is implementing one that is a mix of both, is really cool, and gives depth and resonance to this gritty, brutal world. This gives the readers a different lens through which to look at the persecuted and how they might deal with an ignorant, hostile world. Nitz does this all with crisp dialogue, sardonic monologue boxes and appropriate reliance on Colton Worley.

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