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The Genesis series of locomotives was designed by General Electric (GE) in response to a specification published by Amtrak and ultimately selected over a competing design presented by EMD. Join us as we take a look at the capabilities and features of the latest modern passenger locomotive being offered by Kato USA. Prototype Information:The General Electic P42 locomotive is also known as the "Genesis" locomotive. The General Electic P42 locomotive, also known as the "Genesis" locomotive, is a modern 4200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada. Directional headlights and tail lights on both the front and rear of the locomotive, allowing it to operate as both a standard pulling locomotive with double heading capability or a push-pull engine, whether oriented facing forward or back.
Brand new coreless truck-motor drive paired with a super-heavy solid metal body mechanism; doubling the number of motors while increasing the traction potential and weight for new standard of running smoothness and pulling power.

The Genesis series are unique among current North American diesel-electric locomotives because of their low height. The P42 is a modern 4200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada. Amtrak's P42 has replaced the EMD F40PH in revenue service and today they are used throughout the United States.
This height restriction allowed the locomotive to travel easily through low-profile tunnels in the Northeast Corridor. The Phase V "wave" paint scheme was originally introduced in 2000 to accompany the new Amtrak Acela and featured Amtrak's new logo.
I dont know maybe it is just me but you would think for $80 it would run smoothly for at least a day.

It has since undergone at least one revision from its original Phase V appearance with a lowered sill stripe and the removal of the "Amtrak" lettering from beneath the cab. Today they are used throughout the United States and often operated in a mixed consist of Phase IV and Phase V schemes. P42DCs are primarily used on most of Amtrak's long haul and high speed rail service outside the Northeast Corridor, as well as on Via Rail's Quebec City-Windsor rail corridor when it replaced LRC locomotives in 2001.

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