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Custom modification to the tender and loco to provide the maximum performance from the loco and sound fidelity from the decoder. Kato's nigh legendary 2-8-2 is, without a doubt, the first superstar steam model ever made in N-scale. The drawbar (by which current is transferred to the locomotive chassis) is similarly bullet-proof.
The wheel flanges on the pilot and trailing trucks were also modified with this release (downsized to allow for operations on Code-55 rails). And if you're scratching your head over the whole "20th Anniversary" thing, here's the deal - it's not the 20th Anniversary of this model.

After about 10 seconds, the red light goes off - indicating that current is no longer being conducted into the spring. It's actually a very effective system, and seems (at least in my initial testing) to be quite reliable.
This model is a special limited edition, built to order by a contractor in Japan (IE, not mass produced).
Made in Japan, this 2-8-2 comes ready to run in the sense that you can put it on the track and it'll go. An LED-equipped PC board mounted to the front of the chassis provides directional lighting.

In its "closed" state, the pin hangs down approximately where an actual trip pin would hang. Said trip pin is clipped off on the bottom (IE, it does not stick out the bottom of the coupler).

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