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Pictures on these pages are N scale models of the Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives I have.
The above "digest" of the Espee GS story is desumed from the internal sheet that is contained in the Key Import box.
In 1930, the SP designed a locomotive similar to the Mountains that had a very large firebox (90.4 sq ft) and a four wheel trailing truck to support it. The six Class GS-2s were purchased for brand new passenger trains between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some of GS-4 serie engines had side skirting removed during later part of WWII to expose the piping and pumps for easier maintenance. The most famous of these engines was #4449, wich was preserved and put back into running shape in the early 1970's. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. The GS-4 runs on eight massive 80” drivers, 300lbs psi boiler pressure, and puts out a roaring 5,500 horsepower at 55mph, with a maximum speed of 110 mph.

From 1975 to 1976, in celebration of the United States' 200th birthday, GS-4 #4449 was re-painted into a striking red, white, and blue paint scheme, and put into excursion duty pulling a special display train all around the United States. Important Update: If you have purchased one of our first run GS-4 locomotives and plan to install DCC in your locomotive, please click here for information on acquiring a DCC retrofit kit! The classic Daylight scheme, made in both late and early "Southern Pacific" and "Southern Pacific Lines" variations, with rear and front mounted train numbers, respectively.
The Bicentennial "American Freedom Train" paint scheme features white painted drivers, "blacked out" side rods, and forward mounted train number boards. Thus, evolved the Southern Pacific 4-8-4 which was designated Class GS (Golden State) by the SP. These were designated Class GS-2 and were identical to the Class GS-1s except for the exterior styling, color scheme plus they weighed 6000 lbs more.
Due to wartime shortages, these last 10 Class GS-6Locomotives were built without skirting and were void of the orange and red paint and were delivered from Lima in 1943. Kato USA is now offering its N scale SP GS-4 models painted in wartime black, a scheme some locomotives wore until several years after World War II’s end.

The large drivers gave the locomotive a high top speed; the telling mark of a steam engine built for passenger service. The red was applied in a band above the skirting and above and below the orange band on the tender.
The GS-4 was built for the Southern Pacific Railroad by the Lima Locomotive Works and delivered in the early 1940’s for the SP’s premier passenger trains, finding its way to the Daylight series of name trains.
The rest of the locomotive was black except for the smoke box door, which was silver, and the hand rails, which were cadmium plated. One of the more unique specifications for the GS-4 by the SP was its Mars light, a necessity with the large amount of grade crossings and fog present on the West Coast. The Mars light, like ditch lights on modern locomotives, was utilized as a warning for grade crossings that a high speed train was approaching, its shifting light patterns serving as an eye catcher in foggy conditions.

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