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Anyway, it's an amazingly appealing model (and one that I suspect will somehow find its way onto a lot of non-PRR layouts). The flywheels are particularly affective on this model, making for a nice slow glide once you cut the throttle. The GG1, one of the PRR's most famous and recognizable locomotives, is also one of the most curiously designed. Trivia - Kato released a customized version of their GG1 in 2012 (under their "Kobo Custom" banner).
Universal shafts transfer power to a gearbox attached to each three-axle section of the articulated frame.
The Birth of Amtrak: Founded by the government due to the need for continued passenger service following the fall of the Penn Central, Amtrak started off using “aquired” passenger equipment, including the PC’s remaining GG1’s and passenger cars from other railroads such as the Santa Fe and CB&Q.
Can be combined with Penn Central 4-Car Passenger Sets to create an era-appropriate expanded passenger train. GG1 #4800 was repainted into a special "Bicentennial" red, blue, and gold paint scheme for America's 200th birthday. The GG1 has an impressive visage, and a look that is wholly unique to this class of locomotive.

The pinstripes, as you can see, are crisply printed, even over the right-side intake grills.
Protective grills over the cab windows quickly became standard issue for GG1 locomotives to protect its engineers from "hand delivered ordinance" (eg: thrown rocks). Each pantograph on the GG1 is precisely engineered from multiple blackened metal components and can be elevated to multiple levels.
Amtrak and Penn Central: Thanks to the long life and usefulness of the GG1, many outlived the PRR, finding themselves in Penn Central - and later in their life, Amtrak - paint. The top-end speed seems a bit higher than necessary, but that's never been a big issue for me. The dimensions of the model match those of drawings in the October 1994 issue of Model Railroader.
The GG1 should have plenty of power to pull the new 14-car Kato N scale Broadway Limited passenger train.
By combining Amtrak and Penn Central 4-car sets, modelers can easily enjoy these colorful and striking trains. Just like the real GG1, the pilot trucks are mounted to the drive trucks and are free floating, as opposed to being mounted to the chassis of the locomotive itself.

Technically two locomotives under one shell (a "G" class locomotive is a 4-6-0 by PRR specification, therefore the GG1 was two "G" locomotives in a 4-6-0:0-6-4 arrangement). These locomotives were used in everything from freight service to pulling Amtrak Passenger trains. Now, with Kato you can model Amtrak through the ages starting with this original paint scheme and era appropriate locomotives. This will allow the N GG1 to take tighter curves that it would otherwise be able to handle with its 10 axle wheelbase. This added up to a 4.6k horsepower locomotive that was staggeringly powerful, even by today's standards.
Designed in the 20's, built in 30's, and not retired until the 80's, the GG1 had an incredible lifespan (even when they were cut in two and run as GG?'s) and survives today as a testament to its time in both its unique Loewy-design and overwhelming performance.

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