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GM decided to get back into the midsize pickup truck market in the United States by developing a brand new Chevrolet Colorado, a vehicle different than the global Colorado that’s already available in Asia, South America and Australia. Rumors about the nameplate coming back in the US surfaced earlier this year, but it was thought Chevy will import the global version that’s being built in Thailand right now. Now that GM created an US-exclusive Colorado, it makes sense for the next Chevrolet TrailBlazer to be based on the new truck. I'm ready to trade my 2003 Trailblazer in on a US version Trailblazer based on the 2015 US Colorado. I have been putting off buying an Acadia in hopes that a new Trailblazer would be sold here.
I agree with all of the above .Quit playing around and get the trailblazer here my envoy is starting to show its age. I just traded my O2Trailblazer (bought in September 01 and has 112K miles) yesterday for a Sierra 1500 pickup.

I'd like to see a convertible version with a removable top that harkens back to the full-size Blazers from the 70s.
There’s no word on when it will happen, but thanks to Theophilus Chin we can see how the 2015 (?) TrailBlazer will look like. Even though with the trailering package it's geared so low you only get about 14 mpg on a v6.
Now put that engine as you have in other parts of the world in the Trailblazer and I will have two new Chevys in the driveway!!!
Only way i would upgrade to the new trailblazer if they make an SS model with at least a 6.0L V8.
Trailblazer is one of the best SUV I ever had, in the rear of the vehicle had 49" of room from plan to plan, you could like a slide a 4X8 Piece of sheetrock in the rear with easy. We’re not here to talk about the 2015 Colorado, but it was important to remind you of it as the truck will likely be used as a base for the next US market TrailBlazer SUV.

I'm hoping that Chevy will bring back the Trailblazer SS, and make it BAD and KICK ASS!!! And that 3 row is was very spacious for that passengers, that was a real SUV, and I hope you make it the same way just better. What i LOVE about my truck is that it has great power and if i want more it is upgrade friendly. Shame on chevy for making it have single exhaust that cost me $$$$ to change to dual exhaust. I do understand that technology will always be changing, however I am hoping that the new TB will come in a base model for the interior as well as an interior for those who like all the bells and whistles.

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