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Since its founding in 1975, Intermountain Healthcare‘s goal has been to provide the highest quality care, but today cost control is also more important than ever. Like many healthcare providers, Intermountain’s model is changing from treatment to “wellness, helping people stay out of the hospital,” Dunn said. Today Cerner Corp. hosts Intermountain Healthcare’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the cloud, making the records of all Intermountain patients accessible to clinicians across the provider’s extensive network.
Dunn estimated that 40,000 personal health and fitness smartphone apps are available on various app exchanges, with most focused on capturing health data such as heart rates, exercise regimens, blood sugar levels and weight. Intermountain Healthcare has a large IT department that includes a development group focused on supporting clinicians across a wide spectrum ranging from managing patients with arthritis to supporting surgical procedures. The central tool in developing new applications is the iRise Enterprise Visualization Platform from iRise, Inc., a rapid, collaborative prototyping and requirement definition platform. About Latest Posts Bert LatamoreBert Latamore is a freelance writer covering the intersection of IT and business for SiliconANGLE. SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.
LAS VEGAS – Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare will deploy the Clinical Variation Management software from Ayasdi, a developer of machine intelligence applications for healthcare. Ayasdi’s software leverages machine learning and topological data analysis to extract meaningful insights from billions of data points, the vendor explained. Both Ayasdi and Intermountain Healthcare are exhibiting this week at HIMSS16, Ayasdi in kiosks 14042 and 14084 in the Clinical & Business Intelligence Knowledge Center, and Intermountain in booth 1632 in the main exhibit hall. Cloud and mobile apps in particular have the potential to empower that transition from intervention to prevention. When a patient arrives at one of Intermountain’s hospitals, the staff can see that patient’s entire medical history, even if the patient has never been in that facility before.

Patients can locate the clinics nearest to them, see the wait times, and preregister for visits on their smartphones.
The exciting potential is for patients to become more involved in their own healthcare and to share data with their clinicians, allowing patients and doctors to work together to maximize the patient’s health in order to prevent illness. With it, analysts can create functional prototypes of new applications that look and behave like a real application, all before any coding begins.
It creates a functioning model of the application that both developers and end-users can understand. First, it is much faster than the traditional method of producing written descriptive documents. He added that the application is intuitive enough that most users required little training to use it.
He is a frequent contributor to CrowdChats focused on theCUBE coverage of major IT industry events and site editor at Intermountain Healthcare believes the software can boost the insights the health system can gain from its mountain of health data.
Consequently, Intermountain sees the software helping it to more rapidly gain data insights that can help lead to better health outcomes at more sustainable costs. Follow our live blog for real-time updates, and visit Destination HIMSS16 for a full rundown of our reporting from the show.
We want to deliver the highest quality healthcare always but at a sustainable cost,” said Todd Dunn, director of innovation for Intermountain’s Healthcare Transformation Laboratory. However, using that data requires extensive IT involvement ranging from choosing which APIs to expose to analyzing patient data. Software engineers “often go out and observe medical staff doing their work in context,” Dunn said.

Users can access it over the network on their tablets or laptops from home or office and see the latest design iterations. He has 35 years’ experience covering the IT industry including four with Gartner, five with Meta Group, and eight with Wikibon. For a selection of some of the best social media posts of the show, visit our Trending at #HIMSS16 hub. The Salt Lake City-based not-for-profit health network has 22 hospitals totaling 2,688 beds and more than 185 clinics serving a population of more than 2 million people across Utah and southeastern Idaho.
Intermountain uses Oracle’s PeopleSoft for its ERP, facilitating cost management across the system.
And when the new application is delivered, the users already know more about what to expect, which translates into less training. He lives in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Moire, and their dog, cat and macaw. It’s looking at cloud, mobile, data analysis and new tools for software development to help control cost and improve outcomes. New projects can originate either from requests from the medical staff or from ideas from software engineers. When developers receive the final rendering, they can see exactly what needs to be coded, down to how the displays should look.

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