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While not perfect, the Intermountain SD40-2 is the closest thing I've found to that goal so far for my needs.
Thanks very much for those pics Mike!  About the pilot corners, yeah, I chose to ignore that on all four of these units. I'm actually really impressed, I wish the paint wasnt off on the KCS units or i would have a pair.
EMD SD40-2 DC - DCC Installed ESU LokPilot - CSX #8838 InterMountain Railway HO scale SD40-2. The EMD FP7A was a 1,500 horsepower, B-B dual service passenger and freight hauling diesel locomotive produced between June 1969 and December 1953 by General Motors' Electro Motive Division and General Motors Diesel.

There were a total of 381 cab equipped A units built, but there were no cabless B units sold. Looking at the packaging and box, it APPEARS these were made by the same factory that makes Atlas locomotives.
Athearn nails the KCS Southern Belle Scheme,but again i'll have to see the IMRC model in person to make my decision. The model has a new drive with six wheel HTC trucks, equipped with DCC ESU LokPilot V4.0 DCC installed. Cars include trucks and brass wheelsets, weights and Kadee(R) #5 magnetic knuckle couplers.

The FP7A was essentially EMD's F7A locomotive extended by four feet to give greater water capacity for the steam generator for heating passenger trains.
The EMD FP7A and its successor, the FP9, were off shoots of GM-EMD's highly successful F-unit series of cab unit freight diesels.

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