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48' Gooseneck Chassis Fixed ,Yellow in Color, Located in Chicago Sold in stacks of 4 or 5, botton chassis FHWa, other sin stack as is. ACX International offers a wide range of semi-trailers and shipping container trailers for both standard and intermodal operations.
Options for refrigerated intermodal trailers for specialised temperature controlled applications. Thanks for a model that's not just ready to rig, but has a hierarchy which is nearly ready to animate!
Ace Product of Cleveland-based Brothers Equipment offers an intermodal Container Dump Trailer Frame.
Spotted 2 of these last night for the first time headed eastbound on I-94 in Milwaukee pulled by Central Transport tractors. A container similar to the body of a standard trailer has locating bolts, which allow them to be located and locked onto either a road chassis or rail car for transportation using either mode. The ACF-23 is a 23-foot frame type dump trailer able to transport and dump 20-foot intermodal containers. If you are interested in becoming a part of Hank's Truck Forum, you will find that self-registration has been turned off.

The trailer is therefore moved on the road on a chassis but is then available for transfer for rail transportation using a crane grab mechanism that lifts the container from the chassis to the rail carrier.
This trailer is designed to cut down on the handling of intermodal containers, increasing turnaround time and speed up production. This is a result of so many spammers and porn sites trying to create problems on the Forum. It also offers truck brokerage services, which allow the Company to supplement its capacity and provide the customers with transportation of freight not handled by the owner-operators. This is done using features that are integrated into the trailer body, such as lifting pockets in the sidewalls and sling lift points incorporating stainless steel sections on the roof to minimise damage during this operation. In addition, it offers full service international freight forwarding and customs house brokerage services. We will then email you back and ask you some questions before we sign you up.Thank you for your interest. The Company operates through a contractor network of agents and owner-operators who provide it with approximately 3,400 tractors and approximately 3,400 trailers.
It groups the services into three categories: truckload services, brokerage services and intermodal support services.

During the year ended December 31, 2009, the truckload operations represented approximately 62.3%, of the operating revenues. The Company transports a variety of general commodities, including machinery, building materials, paper, food, consumer goods, automotive parts, furniture, steel and other metals on behalf of customers in various industries. During 2009, the Company?s brokerage operations represented approximately 22.4%, of the operating revenues. It broker freights to third party transportation providers through the agent network at times when it generates more freight business than the Company can service with its available owner-operators. These transportation providers may include truckload carriers or, occasionally, shipper-owned and operated private motor carrier transport fleets with excess capacity.
The intermodal support services are primarily short-to-medium distance delivery of rail and steamship containers between the railhead or port and the customer and drayage services. They also provide terminal and dispatch services for the owner-operators and are an essential source for recruitment of new owner-operators.

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