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Thanks for a model that's not just ready to rig, but has a hierarchy which is nearly ready to animate!
Late last week, Telstar Logistics was invited to explore the new Terminal 2 at San Francisco International AIrport, a structure that will soon serve as the local base for Virgin America and American Airlines. Construction of Terminal 2 is proceeding apace, and the building is expected to open in April 2011.
In no small part, that sterling green rating comes from the fact that Terminal 2 recycles a pre-existing building that is actually the oldest terminal at SFO. First opened in 1954, the Central Terminal (as Terminal 2 was called then) was a giant leap forward in SFO's evolution as a modern airport, as it replaced a quaint but inadequate terminal from the 1930s. During the 1980s and 1990s, Terminal 2 served as the departure and arrival point for SFO's international flights. It's an elite and unusual gig, but like countless other workingfolk with a good view who just happen to bring a camera to work each day, Wheelock has been taking pictures on the job. Even better, he's been sending his photos back to Earth via Twitter, where they are a joy to behold. To entertain ourselves, we took our ancestral chariot for a drive through the countryside yesterday.
Today was warm and sunny, so we dropped the top on the Caprice to enjoy the autumn scenery in full, windblown Surround-O-Vision. Then we set a course along scenic Route 46 toward our ancestral hot dog provider, the timeless and wonderful Hot Dog Johnny's, in (no joke) Buttzville, New Jersey. NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft passed within 435 miles of Comet Hartley 2 yesterday, and like any good tourist, the probe had its camera ready to capture the excitement.
One of the benefits of having a brand extension who is three years-old is that it affords us the opportunity to experience various San Francisco attractions that we might otherwise dismiss as being too touristy for any self-respecting local.
If only as a mechanical curiosity, the opportunity to go for a drive and a swim in a surviving DUKW was a no-brainer. Once in the water, we sailed (drove?) over to McCovey Cove, where the San Francisco Giants were in the process of trouncing the San Diego Padres in the last game of the 2010 National League West playoffs.
Circling back, the DUKW waddled effortlessly out of the water, and then we drove back to Fisherman's Wharf via the Embarcadero. This Fairlane is often parked on South Van Ness near Cesar Chavez Boulevard, so drop on by most anytime to take a look.
As the saying goes, give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters and an infinite amount of time, and eventually one of them might just write Hamlet. Moreover, from our vantage point, and against a cloudless blue sky, we couldn't help but notice that a few of our photos made the F-18s look decidedly insectoid.

The Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft is rolled out by train to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Tuesday, Oct.
If you frequent Interstate 880 in Oakland, California, chances are you noticed the structure; it was a conspicuous landmark alongside the highway for anyone traveling to or from the Bay Bridge. The building looked old, but until recently, we didn't realize how truly historic it was. Although Union Pacific demolished the Diesel Shop, the railroad was kind enough to organize a tour of the structure last month, and Telstar Logistics was invited to participate. The National Museums of Scotland has posted a series of excellent 360-degree panoramas of aircraft cockpits, in luscious click-and-explore detail. In the interest of avoiding barroom brawls, please know this list is not intended to be exhaustive, nor even particularly literal. And even though it doesn't formally involve booze, but it does involve drugs and grilled meats (together at last), let's include this picture of the Baby Blues BBQ front door as well.
The planes themselves range from biplanes, to purpose-built aircraft, to hopped-up vintage warplanes, to jets. Collectors of vintage Cushman Scooters gathered last June for the Cushman Club of America's National Meet in Sturgis, South Dakota, and the organizers have since posted a colorful gallery of scooters displayed at the show. Tilt-shift photography is a technique that manipulates a photo's focus and depth-of-field to make an image of a place or street scene look like a lavishly a detailed scale model. Yet as is often the case with simulacra -- think marble laminate, tofurkey, and most of Las Vegas --  prolonged exposure to tilt-shift photography can have the effect of nurturing a craving for the real thing. This may explain why we have avoided the temptation to dabble in tilt-shift photography ourselves. But with the opening of the airport's new International Terminal in 2000, Terminal 2 was shuttered for almost a decade. It's a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice convertible that's been in the family since the day it rolled off the showroom floor.
And as any self-respecting geek can tell you, a DUKW was a World War II amphibious vehicle that played an important role during the D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944.
Throw in the excitement of hearing a lot of bad jokes about San Francisco told for the benefit of a Duckload of out-of-towners, and who could possibly resist?
Our DUKW was remarkably intact considering both its age and the US Coast Guard's passenger safety requirements. When we reached the water, we simply drove into the Bay without the slightest bit of dramatic fanfare or mechanical clunkiness. By the same token, give Telstar Logistics a digital camera, six F-18 Hornets, and about ten years of San Francisco Fleet Weeks, and eventually we'll snap a presentable photograph of the Blue Angels.

Portions of the structure dated back to the 1870s, just a few years after the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.
Due to the great need for extensive railroad facilities here at the western end of the Transcontinental Railroad, the railroad in the 1870s established switching yards, a roundhouse, car repair shops, car building shops, a creosoting plant and shipyards. He has a few beautifully restored busses from the 30s-50s, which he rents for films and events. Yet per usual, all his photos are haunting and wonderful, so give Troy's entire Bus Yard photoset a look. They've got a Concorde SST (cockpit and cabin views), a nuclear-capable Vulcan bomber, a Jaguar fighter-bomber, and a Comet airliner -- and all are excellent. This has been true since the Gold Rush, and it is visible today in the area's legacy of high-quality neon signs that mark the spots -- Eureka! An annual event since 1964, the Reno air races really are races -- high-perfomance aircraft race head-to head around oval tracks marked by giant pylons that protrude from the desert floor. Designed by the Gensler architectural firm, the new Terminal 2 has registered to achieve LEED Gold certification for its high energy efficiency and low environmental imact.
From top: Soyuz 23 docked to ISS, Aurora Borealis over Europe, Greek Isles, Nighttime over the Nile, San Francisco as seen from ISS. It's got a 400 cubic-inch V-8 under the hood and an 8-Track tape player in the dash, and all of it works just like new. Half General Motors truck, half boat, the DUKW proved to be a very useful vehicle either on land or in the water. Apart from an overhead canopy, a proper windshield, and the addition of bus-like seating, the vehicle was, from a historical perspective,  pretty straight. The DUKW may be a mutant hybrid of a truck and a boat, but making the transition from land to sea (or sea to land) is one of the things it was designed to do best, and it shows. The Southern Pacific Paint shop, once part of the enormous West Oakland car and repair shops yard, was used to paint and varnish the passenger cars built and maintained by the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads. Rotate, zoom, pan, and thoroughly geek-out, right down to the labels posted on every lever, switch, and indicator.  Enjoy!
Likewise, in the spirit of buying your neighbor a drink, additional submissions via Flickr are most welcome. But in the meantime, we've really been enjoying the photos from the event posted on Flickr, and this video digest from Saturday's races gives a feel for the insanity of the competition.

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