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Ive found a trend in your mods so far in the past few months, They do not like to work on my Macbook. And a windmill could be teir two and a turret could be teir 3 and it had a enchanted diamond sword with sharpness two in it!!!!! I will have it done soon, we're just very busy atm, working on a new horror game, a sandbox game and two mods. Well thank you very much sir :DAt the moment we are developing a more advanced building process instead of just the 'Instant' one, where it actually builds the house in small bites, like 1 row at a time.

I hope it will be a fun way to spotlight shows that take on interesting topics in contemporary art.
Expect all mods to be up to date soon, and from there on and out, updates will hopefully be storming.
We call them portable instants since they can literally be built in one place in the world, "packed down" again and then be rebuilt somewhere else! The exhibition is curated by Dina Deitsch and opens this weekend at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

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