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Wiring for layouts and electrical components can be found in the electrical section of our tools and hardware range. Also, PL-13 or PL-15 switches can be purchased to fit onto the motor to change the signals or the frog polarity.
Changing the filter options on the right will help us to show you only products that you are interested in! I have increased its height to clear future catenary and will fabricate some suitable doors. Have a welding shop braze up material on the backside of the Peco flanges so that you can file or Dremmel that material down to the same thickness of your intake manifold flanges. BTW, do a little pre-assembly inspection to see if your carb studs are going to be long enough with the new spacers behind the heat shield. Also, use some pliers to twist and pull out that nasty looking crimped elbow on the top of the manifold. I am in the northwestern North Carolina mountains, right up against the Blue Ridge Parkway. Asthetics aside, (I address that item last Jack) the header is held firmly, I added material to the flange thicknesses, just not so obvious in the photos I posted. Andy please revisit what you have done and post a photo or two I am obviuosly not installing something correctly.

On my car, I fabricated heat shields for the float bowls only and did not run into problems since installed in 2003. I run the car with the peco header first but soon changed back to a modified cast one as the Peco had a real bad finish at the welds and did not show any performance gains compared to my cast one that had been matched to the cylinder head, grid out on the inside of the runners and had the surface smoothened on the outside.
Slightly off topic but WTF is it with after market headers, the thickness of the standard inlet manifold is well known so why the F should people have to prat around with packing washers ???? To add your reply, or post your own questionsMembers Sign In   or   Create an AccountRegistration is FREE and takes less than a minute! It moved to the black horizontal bar above, hover your mouse or tap on a Label to open the navigation menu.
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has announced its approval of Peco’s plan to begin installing smart meters.
The new meters are expected to provide consumers with more information on their energy use and give them new options on how to track their usage. While other states give customers the option to install devices or not, Pennsylvania residents do not have the option and must have the devices installed. If the spacers are behind the shield among other problems there will not be enough clearance for the carb linkages to rotate properly.
Then hone the cut faces down with some sandpaper on a sheet of glass to get them both the same thickness and to produce a nice flat sealing surface.

If they are not, you will want to install longer ones before trying to assemble everything for good. Maybe get the cast header and Peco header side by side and see if something is different in their layout? Jack, thanks for the wake up call, I will drop a line into Brit Tek where I bought the header.
From the looks of the photo that should get your shield set sufficiently away from the exhaust tube.
According to the company, the new meters will save $58 million by removing the need to maintain two meter systems until 2019. The plan approval allows the company to complete the program five years earlier than its original completion date.

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