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House Design To Get Full Advantage of South Climate With Indoor-Outdoor Areas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Baz creates separate living and dining areas, opening out the living space onto the deck with bi-fold doors. Old paving, zero shrubbery and a large tree meant that they couldn't do a lot with their back yard. Lilly was forced to cut down the tree standing in the middle of the yard, but it admittedly gave the family a lot more space to enjoy. The family would love to use their outdoor area, but feel that it's not a true extension of the inside of the house. A new pergola and outdoor furniture create a wonderful place where the family can spend more quality time together. Laura enjoys getting her hands dirty, painting the outdoor fencing to give the garden a lift! Lilly gives the family the gift of privacy, while also opening out their outdoor living space to the park with a few cleverly-placed windows.
Lilly recycles the wood from the tree they had to cut down, creating a secret garden for the girls. Get all the product details from The Living Room's Season 5 Episode 4 Hot or Not segment here!
Barry turns bare garden walls into something special; Miguel goes head to head with a teenage dessert blogger; and Jamie transforms an alligator enclosure in his most terrifying garden makeover yet! Create a designer look in your home for a fraction of the price with this simple, easy to make timber stool. The indoor-outdoor relationship is on full display at The New American Home 2013 in Henderson, Nevada. From the time he first laid line to paper when designing this home, architect Michael Gardner of Blue Heron says he was thinking holistically, blurring the lines between indoors and out.
This is a common philosophy for Blue Heron, who built the 2013 New American Home, and whose specialty is desert contemporary. The blurring of lines that Gardner speaks of begins at the home’s main front exterior entrance between the two garages.
Almost all of the rooms in the home have some direct access to outside, and architectural features are used to seamlessly blend outside and inside, such as pocket doors and sliding doors, which are all automated for easy use. In plain view from the master bedroom is the outdoor bedroom, which includes an outdoor daybed with nightstands on both sides. Wood also played a large role in multiple areas of the home, primarily through the use of Resysta, which is a sustainable product made from recycled rice husks and polymers, but it looks like wood planking. While the use of so much wood and stone could be harsh, designer Janssen explains the plan of warming it up through the color palette, which is also borrowed from nature. Gardner describes having this series of vignettes as a way for the architecture, the landscape—everything—to work together.

Gardner believes that the indoors and outdoors truly do work hand in hand, and this has to be taken into account throughout the whole process. This article originally appeared in Volume 13, Issue 1 (January 2013) of Portfolio Magazine.
Portfolio Magazine is an award-winning showcase of exciting design ideas and industry insights. With winter gone and the dog days of summer not quite here yet, it’s neither too cold nor too hot to be outside.
Blue Heron co-founder Tyler Jones says, “We focus on indoor and outdoor relationships, designing the in and the out at the same time.” Their approach is to treat the exterior of the home like the interior from the very start of planning, which means it’s an integrated team of architect, landscape architect and interior designer working closely together to bring the joint vision to fruition. In this area, you’re moving from public space to exterior private space; although it almost feels as though you’re inside, you’re not completely sure.
Cabinetry was suspended between two walls, so as you approach the sinks from the entrance of the master bath, you’re looking into a private master courtyard with an exterior shower. Also in this area is a rejuvenation room, which opens to the outdoors on three sides like a spa.
Gabions—manmade wire supports filled with rock—were used in both interior and exterior applications, including the master suite along interior and exterior walls. This product was used inside and outside, and was a large part of the design, according to Jones and Gardner. Jones adds that there are “a lot of architectural design elements that bridge space and connect one area to the next,” describing the relationship of some of the elevations and the water elements from this standpoint. Great for getting ideas for your bathroom renovation, new kitchen design and inspiration for living areas or outdoor layouts. Designed by Fernanda Marques Arquitectos, the outdoor elements are used inside, and indoor elements are used outside, creating a seamless and harmonious environment.
Gardner explains that when you’re in the true front entrance, the northern part of the space is public, and the southern side is private, which allows you to leave that entry area completely open, while maintaining privacy and security. Stone was produced by Environmental Stoneworks in panels that replicate a dry river bed, its horizontal lines fitting well with the architecture. They especially liked Resysta for its versatility because it could be sanded, stained and applied in ways to give them the clean look they wanted, and also because of its sustainable properties and wearability in exterior applications. Janssen says of the entire house, “None of the spaces make you feel like you can’t touch anything.
He recommends examining solar orientation, overhangs, and using doors versus smaller broken up windows to invite the outdoor space in.
Email us, but please note that we cannot help with identifying suppliers or colours at this point. One of such areas is a glass-cornered living room which not only gives a possibility to enjoy great views of surroundings but also gives the occupant a feeling of being outside.
Another such area is the full-length front porch that is reminiscent of the surrounding neighborhood craftsman homes.

Here are some of our favorites:View in galleryWood floors and furnishings transition easily into the actual trees outside this modern deck space.
The subterranean courtyard relates strongly to the first and second floor as well.” Much of what ties this all together is the water features that actually “spill” from one level to the next. The cedar siding, smooth white plaster, and colored MDO panels provide a material palette to complement the refined forms and crisp geometries. Under this expansive awning, one gets the feeling that they’re outside in the fresh air but still comfortably protected.View in galleryIt’s hard to say what constitutes “inside” and “outside” in this thoroughly modern space…which is why we love it. One more thing is the full height sliding glass wall at the rear yard allows the house to be completely opened up providing little distinction between indoor and outdoor. These glass panels can be slid open to discard the separattion completely.View in galleryAn angled patio roofline provides a perfect visual transition from inside to out, expanding straight out to the sky.
This is gorgeous.A semi-open ceiling is one way to seamlessly transition between being inside and outside. Sleek yet comfortable furniture in clean-lined contemporary styles like this look as at home in a living room as on a covered patio.View in galleryRocks as walls (shaped by and held in place with retaining wires) and xerascaped ground as carpet cement the indoor-outdoor relationship in this desert home. A lit, fully covered patio keep the scorching sun at bay for all-day enjoyment in this beautiful outdoor setting.View in galleryOversized concrete leaves and full glass walls shelter the “indoor” space of this poolside deck. When the breeze can blow and the sun can shine and you’re not quite sure if you’re inside or outside but you’re appreciating it all the same…that’s a modern experience.View in galleryComfortable wicker furniture is a fabulous indoor-outdoor transitional concept. Use a variety of organic textured materials as seating, tables, and even as plant pots to fully embrace the great outdoors.View in galleryHere is a modern twist on the ancient concept of a courtyard, in which the house surrounds a nature-exposed section of land or water (traditionally in the center of the house wings).
Floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors completely dissolve the lines of what is inside and what is not.View in galleryContinuing the house’s roofline over a patio (or otherwise exterior) area tends to provide a seamless transition between the spaces. With white gauzy curtains pulled simply aside, we’re not sure even at that threshold if we’re truly coming inside or not. It’s beautiful.View in galleryA slatted pergola roof above a floor of some sort creates an enclosed space that, for all intents and purposes, feels both interior and exterior. The airy connection this outdoor space forms between the exposed brick wall and wood paneled portion is inspiring.View in galleryThis remodeled Mediterranean patio is a perfect way to bring the outdoors inside. Either way, the two are connected in the best possible way.View in galleryNothing says, “Enjoy the view!” like a completely contracted wall. Keeping both interior and exterior furnishings somehow connected (in this case, contemporary styles and solid complementary colors) helps to bridge the gap between what is in and what is out.View in galleryOf course, a seamless indoor-outdoor transition doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be swatting at flies and sweating bullets in the scorching heat to appreciate the outdoor component.

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