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Lowpoly Car Pack designed to aid in your city renders or to be used in a gaming environment.
On Black: Rusty Old "Model T" Ford Car on Route 66 in Williams, Arizona by Scandblue [Large]View your Flickr photos on a gorgeous plain all-black or all-white background (sort of like a framed mat).
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Over the weekend I sanded down the heavy coats of spar urethane I had applied 3 days earlier.
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Editorial uses of this product are allowed, but other uses (such as within computer games) may require legal clearances from third party intellectual property owners. A black background helps viewers find detail in black and white photos and other photos with dark areas and makes colors really pop. It took a long time to get rid of all the old bluing and the rust but in order to get a good finish on the metal, it was time well spent.I then triple blued the barrel and rubbed it down with steel wool (quire vigerously) after the 3rd bluingOnce again, I'm pretty sure that level of protection (once oiled) would work well but I decided to cover all the metal with the baking lacquer. With a rounded pin tail for extra control in hollow waves and a little more foam in the front to get down the face early. This Rusty model goes great in bigger waves with solid push and can also handle the medium size stuff when the surf gets steep or hollow. This gun like most of the guns that come my way is in very bad shape and missing the magazine but I know a source for a factory replacement.
Again, If the lacquer ever gets chipped or wears off, there will be nicely blued metal underneath. The Rusty Traveler offers plenty of drive off the bottom and will keep you covered when the swell picks up. The metal is too deeply pitted for such a thing so this gun is going to get a matte finish on both the metal parts and the wood (satin finish on the wood). I drilled a hole for a temp probe so I could keep track of the inside temp.During the hour that the barrel cooked, I sanded down the rest of the wooden stock in preparation for finishing. The black matte finish hides the pitting and gives the gun a stealthy turkey hunting look since you dont want glare coming off your gun (and I am not a fan of camo tape). Its just such a plain straight grain I thought it might be a cheaper wood stained to look like walnut but no, this is the real deal.I dipped my finger in a can of denatured alchol and touched the wood to see what I can expect for a finish color.

I think this stock will be nicer looking than I had hoped.This gun will not get a hand rubbed oil finish. Spar Urethane is a protective clear coat finish that has been specially formulated to use on interior or exterior wood surfaces exposed to water, sunlight, or changes in temperature and humidity.
I protects the metal and it blackens it so if the baking lacquer were to get removed you don’t see shiny silver metal beneath. The UV blockers contained in Spar Varnish, help to reduce the effects of fading or graying caused by the sun.
Now you can see why the matte black was a good choice for a gun with this degree of rusted pitting.To be continued……. If you are going to use a spray on finish on your stock (vs a hand rubbed oil finish) use spar vs the cheaper polyurethane. I just know what works***I spray on several coats (must all be applied within a hour and a half) and then the stock sits for 72 hours and then is lightly sanded and sprayed again. It provides a great finish and is faster than 10 coats of tung oil applied over 10 days.Now its the waiting game waiting for the finish to dry so I can assemble the gun.

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