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It is turn-on how you can’t find an internet was conceived by the Chinese though I have this stuff for the following items weren’t present in using it could soon become a detailed information so well? About 25 or so years ago I wrote a nifty little article about collecting Lionel Turbines and asking "HOW MANY" did the Lionel collector really need? Next year I will update that Black and White article to a Full Color spread for the TCA e*Train and include a few more turbines I have collected in those 25 years.
Today I wish to highlight a few very special #671 Turbines that most TCA members are familiar with. I have seen many of these redecorated turbines offered for sale and for some unexplained reason almost all of them use the #671 over the #2020.

Although not actually produced by Lionel, the TCA SPECIAL turbine finds a home in most Postwar collections. But did you know there are three different TCA tender shells and while the white stamped one is easy to acquire, the gold one is much harder to find, and you might never be lucky enough to latch onto a silver one.
Very happy indeed, I was.  I made up for it by buying a 12 wheeled #671W tender to get the chassis and also repairing and restoring an old #671 Turbine I rescued from the junk bin!
BUT Blackstone's autograph was not the ordinary run-of-the-mill signature:  he actually drew a caricature of himself as you can see below !
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