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In Part 01 we disassembled stripped, cleaned, and primed a Hot Wheels Datsun 240Z and two 510s. We left off with a pair of bodies in white, which will form the basis of the cars to don BRE livery. Since the front spook on the BrockBuster will be the same color as the body, I removed the wheels from the chassis to protect them from overspray. While the bodies were drying, I drew the artwork for the BRE graphics and outputted them as waterslide decals.
Next, the rest of the white is masked off to protect it from overspray. I used a cheaper but still good quality tape for all the non-edge masking. As soon as the 240Z body was masked off, I applied a light coat of Testors Guards Red by airbrush.
The 510 received the same treatment, but it took a little longer due to the radiuses on the front fenders and the fact that the rear panel is red too. I hand painted the black trim on the BrockBuster with Testors Black enamel and a sable blend brush. At this point in the photos I have already began decaling and have applied the side marker lights. The 240Z received all chrome window trim, like the real car, and the same silver paint was freehand brushed on the bumpers as well.
The wheel andaxle assemblies were removed from the chassis of the 240Z the same way they were from the 510s.
Once the decals were dry, I brushed Tamiya Transparent Red over the 240Z’s belts to make them red. All three interiors were airbrushed with Testors Dullcote lacquer to knock the shine down on the decals. Once the clear on the bodies had fully dried, I waxed them. Often they won’t stay together on their own accord, so I usually just secure the chassis with a drop or two of CA glue.
While not 100%, (it is after all “just a toy”) it also does a good job of playing the part. I try to just focus on the decorations, not get too bogged down with the minor issues the little die-casts may have.

The real BrockBuster 510 didn’t have the black BRE stripes, but the Revell model kit of the car had them as an option. I added two matching JNC inkan on this version, in black and yellow, one in each rear window. Remember, the legendary John Morton who piloted the life-sized versions of these cars will be at the Japanese Classic Car Show on September 15, so be sure to bring your autograph books! I have every color I can find of the hotwheels 510s, I would trade all but my bre for that yellow one. Just as a reference note, on the original Brockbuster, the panel below the tail lights and above the rear bumper should be yellow also. As you can see, the Hot Wheels casting is not a match to the real car either, and my goal was to work within the mass-produced lines of the casting to make a fun project.
Mark, I’m familiar with all the steps here but there is one thing that has me a bit puzzled: how did you do the white tampos?
Being an artist in the model and kit decal industry for the last thirty-plus years has provided me with some avenues of producing one-of decals for projects like these that most builders do not have access to.
In a future article I plan to discuss how hobbyists can make their own decals in an economical fashion. In this installment he transforms diecast Datsun 510 and 240Z into highly detailed custom BRE racers.
The BrockBuster 510 will be, like Pete’s real car, yellow, so while these two dried I went about painting the remaining 510 body.
The same pick tool I used to clean up the 240Z body was used to spread the plastic tangs just enough to free the axles. For the BRE cars, the white needed to be completely dry before masking off to paint the red. It has some orange peel, but as it dries it will shrink a bit, and the final clear coat will also smooth it out. I painted them first with Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver enamel, then painted the all the black trim with Testors enamel. A black wash was used on the grilles, a white edge was added to the BRE’s spook like on the 240Z, and the brake intake ports were shaded in. A donor set consisting of the fronts from another 510 and the rears from a Hot Wheels ’67 Firebird were installed as replacements. The roll cage of the BRE 510 and the entire interior of the BrockBuster were sprayed with Tamiya AS-4 Gray. Any wax works well, I used some Tamiya Modeling Wax, though I don’t know if it is still available.

The pilot hole that was used to center the larger sized drill bit to take them apart was threaded with a 2-56 tap.
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Once the red paint dried I just touched up the problem areas by hand using a #0 round sable blend brush. Rubber cement actually works quite well as it provides enough holding power, but also flexes to allow the wheels to “float” a little. Screws make for a sanitary and professionally finished look as well as allow the cars to be easily taken apart if so desired. And the real Brockbuster does in fact have fender flares (although molded, not bolt-on), so you’re good there. Get this Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote with Customizable Touch Screen and Closed Cabinet RF Control for only $179.99!
It dries to the touch in a few hours, but I let them dry for a couple days to lessen the chances of marring the finish during final assembly.
As far as I know you cannot print white on a normal printer, did you have them specially printed for this car? Donations can be made to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other designated local charities.
I applied a piece of tape to a sheet of glass and cut the strips with a scalpel and a straightedge. If you want it, grab this deal now! Get free in-store pickup or free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more!

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