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Commuter travel entered a new age during 2009 when the sleek and revolutionary Hitachi Class 395 entered service. The specially prepared three vehicle model in this set is resplendent in the distinctive blue livery of the prototype and is justifiably named the "Blue Rapier". Footplate, the home of model railway in Kidderminster has been alive and kicking for 10 years now. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Founded by Frank Hornby, who made his first train set for the British toy market in 1920, Hornby has a vision to be the most successful model, hobby and collectable toy company in the world. New posts in this News Section will get accepted by the system, but will not appear to visible in the forum immediatly.

If a post is not suitable for this News section, but is still interesting, it will get approved and moved right away to another more appropriate section. If you post images in this News Section, please make sure that the first image at the top of the post (that is visible on the Forum front page) is no greater than 500 pixels wide. Note: Model Rail Forum Administration retain full editorial control over the content published here and will edit or remove material if we deem it appropriate to do so as it is displayed on the Front Page of the Forum and is automatically linked to by other Internet sites. I like to have the news as early as possible as it helps planning the years saving & spending. Looking very closely at the cover of the 2008 catalogue, I can see a weathered J52 with three link couplings.
He added that since Rustins specialises in DIY paint, they have expanded Humbrol’s market by distributing to their home improvement customers. This new state of the art train with its twin power source motors quickly became the train of choice for those commuters who use the Southeastern service to London every day, saving those in the extremities of the service as much as 30 minutes or more of travel time.

Hornby products, originally intended for children, have fostered lifelong enthusiasm, creating a unique brand that transcends all ages and delivers to an exceptionally passionate audience. Instructions can be found in this topicAlmost all the photos I post can be found in my albums. It was a few years ago, but I’ll see what I can put together and publish the link here. The track circuit fits easily on the 1600cm x 1270cm MidiMat and by adding Hornby Track Packs and accessory packs can soon be developed into a very effective model railway layout.

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