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In 1969 the 'Flying Scotsman', which was at that time under the ownership of Mr Alan Peglar, made the long journey to the United States of America where it travelled some 2,200 miles from Boston to Dallas and then on to Houston.
A beacon of Modern Achievement, the Flying Scotsman represents the Golden Age of Steam and British ingenuity.
If you are looking to order a Train set you really can't go wrong with this fantastic offering from Hornby. So if you are looking for a fantastic train set or want to expand your existing set then this OO gauge Hornby East Coast Pullman - Hornby Digital Train Set DCC R1097 is definitely worth considering, see above for Price UK Comparison.

This iconic Steam Locomotive was the first to travel non-stop from London to Edinburgh in 1928 and the first Steam locomotive to travel faster than 100 mph. It evokes the glamour, elegance and romance of the Art Deco period; and the power and the passion of the Great Locomotives of British Steam history. Wow train tracks have come on somewhat since I was a little lad, I remember when I was young I had a set a little smaller than this, infact it was probably just a loop set with one train, but I loved it! The Hornby East Coast Pullman Digital Train Set features two different trains, you get an LNER B012 Class locomotive with 3 Pullman coaches as well as a J52 Class locomotive which comes with 3 trucks.

As well as enough track to make a good starter loop with a few junctions you also get the very impressive Hornby Digital Select Controller which will be able to more than cope when you expand your track at a later date.
He very much like to help others and getting to play with toys with his kids while helping you find ace toys is a massive bonus!

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