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I wanted a diesel engine for ages but dad always shyed away from getting one believing that diesel killed steam off, eventually i think he just gave up and bought 1 to keep me quite.
We never had any major problems with this loco, it was always first out to make sure all the track was fine after dad had laid it and last to be put away as i wanted to use it.
I can remember it been re magnetised once, this happened when we got it out for a layout and it was awfully slow, unfortunately it just had to be put to one side until we could send it away to be sorted. Only recently we found out it had the wrong tender, mine would appear to have the tender from Silver King but the matt Version, probably cock up when someone was playing with these trains and put the wrong tender away with my Mallard. Mallard was in service until 1963 where it had covered a staggering 1.5 million miles, London to Perth in Western Australia is only 9,000 miles. For some reason Mallard went through 12 boilers in her working career, something that is strange yet rings home to me is boiler number 3 8907 which came from Silver King and was fitted 1 August 1946. The good old faithful Duchess of Montrose, the one that always seemed to take a back seat in my memory of Hornby. The Picture below shows the Duchess of Montrose in a matt finish but ours was gloss, so unless there was a matt version I’m not to sure. Rearly did the Duchess ever give any problems, if i remember rightly it never liked going over crossing sections of track. I can remember this been brought home one Saturday afternoon, so in my mind it probably came from york.
It also was a regional train as it was based up in Gateshead for many years and was then transferred to Ferryhill in 1963, it was withdrawn from service in late 1965 and was scrapped by Motherwell Machinery & Scrap. The yellow piping on the bodywork really makes the City Of Liverpool stand out, i don’t think this ever got re magnatised, probably due to it not been used often and not pulling a full rake of coaches.
This is one of my favourite Loco’s that my dad has, when i was younger i was fascinated by the smaller wheels that the 8F locohad. Since the track was only laid down once or twice a year this is one of those locos that started of slow and needing warming up on first run and then it would be fine.
In my memory i think its been re magnetised once, they main issue is the solder gets weak that connectors the power tender to the loco and this often snapped. Possibly I didn't appreciate model railways as much when I was a young lad, but the one thing I did do right, was to keep my old 3 - rail model railway nicely boxed. With the Wren track, metal level crossings, "Ludlow Castle" 4-6-0 steam engine, tin coaches, various types of wagons accompanied with homemade platforms, signal boxes together with some Airfix models and amazingly they are all still in pretty good shape. But like most things in life, model railways have progressed and obviously left me behind after being away from the hobby so long.
So after I decided the direction I was going to follow it's been a crash course in reading up about the ins & outs of 2 rail with its electrofrog turnouts and seeing just how much of my old rolling stock that I can convert with minimal fuss for use on my new layout. Possibly the one disappointing thing is that most of the off the shelf engines these days, have shells which are made out of plastic compared to metal many moons ago!
One thing that has taken me by surprise is the amount of people that are interested in railways in general.

Have you thought of designing a layout in such a way that both 2-rail and three-rail stock can be run? I've kept my old Hornby Dublo, but some of it was 2 rail.  Quite amusing when I was invited to a club open day, the only thing I had to take in OO was my 2-6-4 tank and half a dozen coaches, mind you they caused a stir when they went round! Conversion to 2 rail can be done using the existing loco wheels, there were lots of articles on it in the 60s, or you may be able to get insulated wheels and pickups as spares. Shame to lose some very original locomotives and stock by the conversion, why not sell and replace with two rail dublo? While I have been interested in model railways for some time I have just got around to creating a decent layout. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.
To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. Yes you guessed it it comes with freight wagons a Bogie Brick Wagon, Bogie Bolster Wagon and Canadian Pacific Caboose No.437270 which is the Guards van. The Canadian Pacific Caboose No.437270 is missing from the above set as it only came with the freight set, and it really only fits with the Canadian Pacific loco so that is often seen with price tags around ?250.
The metal guard on the front of the loco is the cow snatcher, in case any livestock happens to be on the line whilst the train ran.
The loco was available on its own reffered to as the A Hornby-Dublo EDL2 Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. We bought ours from a car boot sale with a set of teak coaches for around ?80 if i remember rightly. Looking through photos in the 80’s it was painted with red wheels but now runs black ones.
This was another early Diesel addition to the layout at home and was probably the 2nd diesel we got.
It kind of reminds me of an older person as it pulls loads and rarely gives up although its been through some traction tyres with us. I’m sure this cost around ?250 but its in mint condition and really looks the part next to the standard Co-Co. The St Paddy came with a Ringfield Motor and its pretty rare to come by one, so its nice that we’ve got one in the collection.
He made a simple spray paint jig out of metal for the body at work, which allowed him to rotate the body easily. This specialisation enables us to provide our UK and international clients with the highest levels of personal service, combined with the expertise and in-depth knowledge for which we are renowned.
When mallard Broke the speed record it was only 5 months old, so it was run in nicely but not overly loose like some of the older A4’s. When i was little he only had 2 trians A little tank and this the A4 Pacific with 2 coaches.

To say its not box its in pretty good good condition and so are the 2 coaches, i know that he hasn’t expanded on the coaches that come with the Silver King, but it does pull the Plum and Custard British Rail coaches well.
Hornby also did A Matt Model of the Silver King which is more rare and harder to come by, and it  seems to of eluded my dad for years. It would pull and pull all day it could be laden down with a good 10 petrol tankers and still pull well.
Unfortunately for me 3 rail is outdated, within reason any other items I wish to buy in the future would have to be through the second hand market, so making any future purchases limited. The locomotives will stay untouched, but I think my coaches & wagons are going to be converted, unless anyone tells me different. Hence why I decided to do a blog, to keep my Dad updated with progress, friends and any other interested parties.
OK, it might not look realistic, but real railways do not operate in half mile squares either! Model railways offer a very wide range of options, there is enough for everyone to have fun. I think I’ve ever only seen 2 of these at swapmeets and they usually have a very high price tag usually over ?500. These are normally just found on the carpet, but if more than one goes you will notice a lack of speed and acceleration from the loco. It was bought at an auction with a job lot and it was pretty tatty to say the least, and my dad won’t put any old shit out. Ok its not rocket science to spray a solid black tank and then do the front and rear buffer beams, but getting the paintwork perfect is the hard bit, and to my eye it looks fine. Select a department from the list below for more information and galleries of items past, present & future.
If you have a larger layout then we’ve found that putting and other controller to feed power around the 2nd half of the track pays dividends as theres no dip in power around the tack.
One think that always intrigued me was the fact that the coal in the tender was in smaller chunks compared to those of the A4’s. The majority of these went of to Canada so finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack, find a mint one is near impossible.
It would be nice to get another one of these as they look so nice running together as we’ve run the ST Paddy and this together.
I can remember at the time we had the choice of two locos The Barnstaple and this the 2nd Co-Co that Hornby did. Trix track is usuable by basically pretty awful for anything other than a museum display or experimentation.

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