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Bridge uses three 50' light weight spans and can be assembled for straight or curved track.
Use multiple bridge kits, tower kits, and length extension kits to build a custom bridge of any length. Superb detail includes bent and tower X-bracing, girder lateral bracing, and extensive rivet detail.
I believe that part of the effect that you want involves narrow gauge models regardless of scale.
These type of layouts use very small locomotives and cars that are very short, usually with small wheels and only 2 axles. The trains shown in the first video link were made by Egger-Bahn, a long defunct German business.
For those of us, who are not able or willing to invest the gold of Fort Knox into a train set, there is Minitrains, who offers  a nice variety of little engines and cars, some following US prototype. Aside from their Fiddletown & Copperopolis inspired 0-4-0 loco, they have announced a 0-4-4 Forney loco, which has a lot of character.
I volunteer with the Boothbay Railway Village in Maine, and we have an HOn30 line on our layout.
In the US, HOn3 is more common, and you're going to find a lot more equipment available.
From 1880 to 1882, the Denver & Rio Grande Railway ordered approximately 60 narrow gauge coaches that would become the quintessential open platform style of car used on the Colorado 3- foot gauge line well into the 1950s.
Regardless of the scale, if you are going to have tight curves and you want the layout to look even remotely realistic you will be running short wheel base switchers and short cars.

Rolling stock and diesels are relatively easy to convert between gauges, while steam is far more complex. The name Egger-Bahn has been bought by a Swiss fellow, who produces and markets a few of the former Egger-Bahn locos. This narrow gauge is a small niche market in the hobby, and there is not a lot of prodduct out there. At the present time, I am kitbashing a couple Athearn Hustler body shells into small locomotives. They were designed to run tank first, as that would give them the tracking of a 4-4-0 American. Typical of D&RG(W) equipment, the coaches went through various transformations in the early years. HOn3 Tall Steel Viaducts are available in three base kits, three length extension kits, a height extension kit which adds a 4th and 5th story, and a tower kit. How do they figure out the radius?Anybody familiar with how these are done, and how I can learn to recreate them?
Longer car and locos hang out over the edge of the track in the curves too much so they look toy like. There are a few items available, such as the Grandt Line switchers, that can handle sharp curves. There are made in Switzerland, run like Swiss watches, but are also priced like Swiss watches.
For USA prototype locomotives and rolling stock, you are mostly looking at the Maine 2 foot RR.

By the early 1900s, many of the cars had been converted from the old "duckbill" style roofs to the "bullnose" style that was more prevalent in later years.
The various kits allow you to design and build your own custom bridge of any length from one to five stories high, with full towers or bents, and straight or curved.
If you want somewhat larger models there is, for example, O scale stuff that can run on HO track etc etc.
By the way, there is no law that says your railroad has to look realistic - its your railroad - do what you want. There is quite a bit of HOn30 stuff on Shapeways, but you will have do do a certain amount of completion work to get them on the rails - much like buying a resin kit. These bridges are beautifully detailed and are often the centerpiece structure on modeler's layouts. A handful of the coaches survived on the D&RGW into the 1960s for use on the Silverton Branch.
Also Minitrains has a limited amount of stuff, one small diesel and steamer and some rolling stock.

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