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I've no idea for such a plan D&RGW themed, but I remember a delicious 6 x 6 (in fact a sort of L with the two long sides 6 feet long by 3 feet wide) logging oriented plan in a Gazette a few years ago. Well I would settle on having a loop, perhaps a passing track around a frontier town with a spur for cattle yeard or a mill and on the opposiite side a track to a stamping mine. Bill, I seem to recall the the Fulton County NG layout from RMJ, which you ended up owning, was also a 4 x 8. The Fulton County NG was sceniced as western Illinois which was where the prototype was located.
For this layout, you need 4 Shinohara HOn3 #6 right switches and 1 Shinohara HOn3 #6 switch left, plus maybe 6 lengths of ME code 70 Hon3 flex track, to be cut to size.

View DetailsNew Micro- Engineering Flex Track #12-114 HOn3-SCALE CODE -70 Weathered 6 pcs 18 ft.
The layout was made by Doug Ramos, it was essentially a 8 but featured a nice town, an engine terminal, quite a few trees and a trestle.Other than that, you might try to browse some issues of Model Railroad Planning. Central ridge to divide scenes, switch back from town up to ridge to serve mines, bridges across a stream at two levels, etc. Narrow gauge lines cut costs where ever as possible and a modell of a narrow gauge line should do that too. Could easily have been made arid for a western prototype look with a change of the rock work to western granite.I often think of building the upper town in On30 with curves of 27" radius or On3 with curves of 36" radius then feed it with staging on a lower level.

Figure about 6 trains per day, empty hoppers up loads down a couple of times, a morning mixed and a motor car for passenger service a couple of times a day.I sold the layout to a gentleman(?) who is now deceased and basically got screwed letting it leave my garage on a promise of future payment. He also ripped off some O scale building castings that I loaned him -- he sold them to others and his wife told me screw you after his death.

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