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HOn3 Extra BoardSilver City Tool Shop PlansThe advent of home computers and printers has dramatically changed modeling in card. This kit is back on the Market, being sold by Mercian Models but is yet to appear on their website - hopefully a picture and more info is on its way.
About 11 or 12 years ago, a Japanese outline hobbyist used to get copies of a Japanese N Scale magazine.
PFM NSWGR 4-8-4+4-8-4 HO - this was the 1970's Model Dockyard example (one sold on eBay recently for about ?1500)(Hans Koppelt). Just a couple weeks to go and for the first time in over a year the CNJ Bronx Terminal will be set up an operating in the Fast Tracks booth at the NMRA Train Show in Cleveland, OH.
Needless to say I am certainly looking forward to finally being able to get back to work on it!
The new location, a second story loft in a former factory is the perfect setting for the layout! Fortunately, this series surfaced and I thought modelers might find it interesting to see the process I used to build some of the more complex pieces for the layout.
The CAD drawing for this piece of trackwork, which is the most complex on the layout.  Three turnouts are overlapped sharing one common frog. The picture above shows my HO scale version of it, rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the magazine image.
Here is the finished piece of rail with the grooves in the base.  I ground from the bottom up just past the middle of the web of the rail, leaving the head of the rail intact. Next, on the rail(s) in the other fixture that the rails I just ground have to cross, I mark the head of the rail with ink.

The rail with the base ground is then layed over top of the rail it will cross.  The rail is held into the fixture with tape (not shown in this image).
Here, the gaps have been ground into the rails of the trackwork.  Clearance is now there for the opposing route to cross.
I carefully clean up the inside edge of the running rails with needle files, shaping the frog points precisely. Here are the finished rails in place, carefully filed and polished.  The resulting trackwork runs flawlessly.
This is the same process used to make the N scale code 40 version.  Building those pieces took some exceptional care when grinding that tiny rail! The HO and N scale version of the Quadruple Diamond from the centre of the terminal.  Both these pieces were built from 8 pieces of rail simply overlapped to form that complex curved geometry. This is a computer generated rendering of the freight house mock up.  Hard to see, but most of those sections are unique sizes.
The freight house mock up in place on the layout at a train show.  It served me well for quite a few years, but its finally time to get the real model built! Using the laser cut mock up I had made a few years back as a template, the foundation was framed up using styrene sheet stock and dimensional strips from Evergreen.
The sections can be seen on the bottom view of the foundation.  Simple joiners are used to connect them together, similar to how the sections of the layout work, except those are aluminum.
There is a consistent space between the track and the edge of the foundation.  Getting this right with the final model is easy since the mock up was built to confirm everything would function correctly before the final model build.  Getting the mock up right was no small feat!
Inside you’ll find scratchbuilding projects explained step-by-step, great model railroad photography techniques, model detailing tips from the experts, beautiful narrow gauge layout tours, exciting prototype history from coast to coast, and much, much more.

You are now able to download full color detailed print outs to construct models that rival some of the most detailed kits currently available. All rights reserved.The HOn3 Annual is the only publication dedicated to HO scale narrow gauge model railroading. Hopefully at some stage I might be able to include pictures of all the models and links to the manufacturers. Ample space will be devoted to the setup so people visiting can finally get a chance to see the layout up and running. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. Each piece of trackwork for the layout started with a precise 3D drawing that I used to get the location of each tie correct. In the centre top of the image you can see where the three turnouts form a rather interesting frog.  Surely a one of a kind. So the project would get set aside until the next time I thought I would do some work on it, usually with the same result. This one belongs to Stan Silverman, visit his website for some interesting modelling solutions (Stan Silverman). For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate.

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