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I think this has been going round for some time but in case you have not seen it, please¬†have a go¬†and let us know how you score. It’s a valid point though – why do so many mathematicians, scientists, engineers etc have beards? In the thrill-a-minute first installment of this article, we revealed the strategy for the FREE half of our upcoming Flash game Interrupting Cow Trivia.
These are the players who hop off the nearest freight train, bindle in tow, looking for a free entertainment hand-out. We mentioned in the last article how we turn a Hobo into a Member, but here’s a quick refresher. There are two other features in the queue that leverage membership in a powerful way, but these are enough for now. After they play those x questions, Hobo and Member alike are unceremoniously BOOTED from the game back out to the lobby. So in-game advertising is the first revenue stream for Interrupting Cow Trivia and, based on our past experience, the weakest. And with the short attention span of gamers these days, i sincerely doubt that anyone is going to stick with the game for over a year.
So we’ve begged the question: how do you handle subscriptions with one-off currency systems like MochiCoins and GamerSafe? In this way, we can sell an item (badge, hat, medal, crown – whatever) that makes the player an Owner for a certain period of time. Puzzle Pirates has a few mini-games that are available to Hobos right off the front page of the site – no need to download the game client. We will build the same type of content schedule for Interrupting Cow Trivia by splitting the content packs across different days: Music Trivia will be playable on Tuesdays and Fridays, Movie Trivia will be playable on Mondays and Saturdays, and so on.
So the benefits of converting from a Hobo to a Member are clear and compelling, and conversion is easy. My limited research into micropayments has turned up evidence that offering multiple types of payments will net you more cash than one rigid payment system, like our subscription scheme. And if this article has spurred any thoughts towards how you can monetize YOUR upcoming game, superb!
This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Company News, Flash, Game Ideas, Interrupting Cow Trivia on August 19, 2009 by Ryan Henson Creighton. Ryan Henson Creighton is a Toronto-based game developer, and founder of Untold Entertainment Inc., creating fantastically fun interactive experiences for players of all ages.

I haven’t finished reading past the Charge Once or Charge Often yet because you told me to tell you what I think. To me, the charge often is akin to xBox Live, I’m paying for the privilege of playing the game as opposed to buying the game itself. In my example, you would probably make more money off of me with a Charge Often model, but i enjoyed my experience with Playfish. I think it a good plan, hope it works out :) But as Michael I find the dice thing a little weird, maybe you could save up extra questions until you have 10 ? While I haven’t played Puzzle Pirates, from what I know about it your game is missing a key element.
Like all MMOs, people are playing Puzzle Pirates to build their character stats first and foremost. Hobos and Member have access to the new content (with the distinctions you already outlined). Currently, we’re working on a feature where you can click a member and add or remove him from your Friends or Foes list. We have also flowed out the Create-Your-Own Quiz feature to tackle some of the apps you see on Facebook, but it’s an ambitious feature and will likely take one or two months to complete. End result – you get paid twice, once for the dice (attracting the hobo) and second for the subscription they realise is better when they are done with the dice (turning hobo into owner). Untold takes care of the logistics (new questions, scheduling, promoting) which is why I’m paying $1. In the Best World Imaginable, i’d LOVE to be able to let people toss money into the kitty, and the winner takes all.
I think one of the star players of this entire theory is that players feel they are in control. Btw UI design: could show previous question + correct answer above(?) while current question is presented. Gathering as many ppl as fast as possible – would you believe that i’ve toyed with the idea of paying India to play the game, so that the rooms are always populated? Excellent post, this is probably the most in-depth planning of microtransactions I’ve read thus far. The sword is time limited – it degrades every time the player uses it, and eventually it breaks and becomes unusable.
If a game has ten questions in it, and I end up being able to play 19 before being booted out, isn’t that just going to be more frustrating than getting booted out after ten?

As for how many questions that should be served until the ad pops up, I would say 20 (or more). Make sure, if possible, that the last time they throw a die it always rolls a 5 or a 6 – to give the player that additional incentive to purchase more dice. Game UI could have a comment stream box, just beside the question: members and owners can make comments, everyone can see them. Could show next question below(?) to make hobos want to come back for more when they are kicked out (Ohh, I know that question, got to get back right away !!!).
Cash usually costs some money and might have legal consequencies (money laundry, tax, international), while virtual goods are usually easy to replicate and might be without too many nasty legal issues.
I really think you’ve hit the nail on the head, granted the game is good enough to entertain players to the point of spending money. Whereas, if I pay once, I can walk away from the game for a year, and come back to it whenever i please for a few days at a time. I think if you had to do it every time you finished a game, you would just piss people off. For instance, let hobo’s grind away and play 50 trivia questions (and watching 5 ads) let them then roll a die for a chance to win a few hours as an owner, or something along those lines. First month for free, because first impression is the tough one: people come and see nobody else, they keep telling their friends to avoid the place.
Looking forward to the update, might even make a hobo visit on actual game site ;) Would love to see stats about launch hype curve vs. The dice idea is excellent, nothing pulls hobos in like a discounted way to play for a bit.
I also think that (if possible) the dice should be cheaper if you want to sell some of those. Couldn’t care less of sports or math, but really want to see my name on Top-10 stats somewhere, anywhere. So MUST gather as many ppl as fast as possible, get community kick-started and do some magic to keep ppl return. Would love2 to hear about your marketing plans: review blog sites, google words, even game mags?

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