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Below you will find the six available gauges explained by size and application so that you can make more informed decisions about your new model train hobby. A couple of general recommendations if you're planning a layout: stay with one type of track system if possible (your life will probably be easier), and, use the widest curves you have room for. Wider curves allow for smoother running and longer cars.G ScaleG is the largest of the popular scales. We identify the specific scale for G items in our descriptions of the items when it's known, but manufacturers don't always provide this information.
The most likely problem you will have in mixing and matching products from different manufacturers is coupler mismatches.

G scale is also known as the Garden scale, as these trains are frequently operated outdoors. First Hobby carries many of the popular lines in O scale, including Lionel, MTH and K-Line, along with many others. This is the same of either O or O-27 track; O rails are usually taller than O-27 rails though.
One difference you'll notice about most of the commonly available O gauge track is that it has 3 rails--2 outside rails and a center rail; this is different from G, HO or N track.
Most O scale equipment uses the 3-rail track system; the center rail is used to provide power to the trains.

O and O-27 track, or track from different manufacturers, can usually be joined, but again, working with a single track type is usually easier.In our O Scale department you will also see a category called On30 Train Sets. All of the HO locomotives and rolling stock we sell use the same HO gauge track, but, as with other gauges, mixing different track systems can be challenging.N ScaleN scale is the smallest of the 4 most popular scales. The advantage to the smaller sizes, HO, and especially N, is that more territory can be modeled in a smaller space.

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