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It looks like the RSPBs Dee Estuary Nature Reserve is the place to be this autumn, we have had some spectacular birds passing through on the marsh and arriving at Burton Mere Wetlands.
One bird the long-billed dowitcher has travelled more 4,000 miles to get to Burton Mere Wetlands, from North America they usually migrate to the southern United States and as far south as Central America. Other Birds such as the whooper swans have travelled from Iceland nearly 1000 miles to get here and enjoy our mild(er) climate. We have also had an outstanding record for birds of prey over the last few days with both hen and marsh harrier showing well.
This weekend our visitors where also treated to views of a little owl on the adjacent farm field next to our newly constructed Bunker Hide.

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Long-billed Dowitcher is a rare but regular visitor to western Europe, Burton Mere has an impressive nine records.Long-billed dowitcher courtesy of G.

Whilst a juvenile Hobby, a late record for the reserve has been showing really well as it feeds on the autumnal dragonflies.
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