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The British Cruiser Tank A34 “Comet” was designed to correct some of the problems with the Cromwell Tank as well as providing better anti-tank capability for their squadrons. The British Army 11th Armoured Division was formed in 1941 and became known as the Black Bulls. Payment & Security We accept all major credit cards online, Secured by Paypal ( Visa, Delta, Switch, Solo, Electron, Mastercard).
Model completely re-colored, added second seat, re-designed canopy and gargrot, added a lot of new details, corrected a lot of mistakes.

The Comet was late entering WWII so it wasn’t involved in any major battles but with its new main gun it could take on Germany’s large tanks.
On June 13, 1944 the Division landed on Juno Beach and took part in several major operations.
The 11th AD was held in reserve until March 28 and then crossed the Rhine taking Gescher on the 30th. A replacement will be sent to on receipt of the returned model. Goods returned for other reasons (eg.

On March 31st the 3rd RTR (Royal Tank Regiment) struck out to capture Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on April 15th 1945.
In order to return goods you must email Jumblies Models within 7 working days from the receipt.

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