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Does being based in New York — where streetwear brands are plentiful — work to your advantage when booking jobs? Having traveled to many places for work, what do you find easiest or hardest to cope with when on the road?
Being half Chinese and half French, what’s your relationship with bulging fashion cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok – where the market embraces Eurasian looks?
I’ve worked in both Singapore and Bangkok and have had so many amazing experiences in those cities.
It could be argued that models often turn up to jobs with little regard of the brand’s story or aesthetics. That is quite the contradictory title that I am both officially and unofficially flattered by. There are some great Canadian heritage brands that I grew up with that I still love like Roots, Canada Goose and Club Monaco. We’ve noticed that your Instagram is prominently filled with streetwear editorial photos.
My life is very active and there are some great streetwear brands that really speak to my lifestyle. Hoodies, sneakers, bomber, varsity and baseball jackets, workout tights, sweats, jerseys, baggy T-shirts and toques. What kind of surprises and opportunities have you come across throughout your fashion modeling career? To my surprise my interest in quality food and fitness developed after I began modeling and I had to start making healthier choices. Dos would be – be true to yourself by wearing clothes that are a natural and authentic part of who you are and your lifestyle. I’ve had a lot of support from my older sister Sandrine Holt, who used to model and is now an actress. Many major retailers approach customer interaction with a very narrow scope, focusing solely on its in-store experiences. New for the season is this iPad mini and iPhone 5 Black Beauty Collection from Head Porter. Ho brings elements of this Afro-Asian world together in Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!, which opens May 16 and runs through June 2 at La Mama’s Ellen Stewart Theatre. Influenced by chambara (samurai sword-fighting cinema), Lady Snowblood (a Kazuo Koike manga about a female assassin seeking revenge against the men who raped her mother and murdered her father), and the films of Akira Kurosawa, Ho based the concept of Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!
Surrounding the core story are martial arts moves choreographed by Emmanuel Brown of Broadway’s Spider-Man, sword fighting choreographed by Samurai Sword Soul co-founder Yoshi Amao, and acrobatics that combine for a production that Ho promises will be “as spectacular as Cirque du Soleil and as dramatic as Edward Albee or David Mamet.” Ho’s reason?
Working with his long-time collaborator Ruth Margraff, Ho gives the comic book treatment to a biblical Shakespearean epic that combines Noh, Kabuki, and Kung-fu theater with chambara and the black and yellow exploitation movies of the 1970s.
Deadly She-Wolf had its world premiere in 2006 in Philadelphia, where it received positive reviews. Making peace with his mortality, Ho decided ten months ago that the time for Deadly She-Wolf in New York is now – because he has so little of it left. Part of his team is director Sonoko Kawahara, who has been on board with the project since 2005, when Ho received a commission from Japan Society to create a workshop.

As a native Japanese theater director in New York, Kawahara is often expected to direct strictly Japanese plays or do something with an East-Meets-West flair.
Leading up to the New York premiere, Kawahara, the actors, and the rest of the team have tried not to let Ho’s battle with cancer be a dark cloud hanging over the production. For Kawahara, her focus has been on bringing the best possible show to a New York audience. If you’re wondering what a martial-arts-samurai-sword-fighting-music-theater-Afro-Asian-manga-opera-fantasy-action-adventure-blockbuster is, Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!
Enter your email address to subscribe and stay up to date on Japan happenings in New York City! Ho-ho-ho mi-a placut pentru ca mi-a indus (datorita inceputului) starea aceea de basm, de Sarbatori, sentimentul acela cald pe care il simtim cand suntem acasa, cu cei dragi alaturi, in fata bradului, cantand colinde.
Si pe parcurs, atat alina chivulescu cat si baiatul (desi cu defect de vorbire - dar poate ca asta era ideea, sa ni se faca simpatic pentru ca e rarait) au jucat foste convingator. Nu are prea mare importanta cum s-a nascut in virtual personajul "Pitbull", cel care scrie aceste randuri - dar e semnificativ, in contextul de fata, ca la origine a stat Arella, acea reprezentanta a rasei care m-a facut sa descopar atat pitbullul canin, cat si pe cel interior: a primit-o, in 1998, Collins, in semn de recunostinta ca jucase rolul de "veriga lipsa" in lantul cauzal care a dus la descoperirea, debutul si gloria uluitoarei vedete PRO-TV, cu varsta de-o cifra, pe nume Iulia Stanescu, din emisiunile cu "Magicianul" Marian Ralea - aflata, acum, pe dulcile plaiuri americane. Bogdan Iancu este numele noii descoperiri juvenile a companiei PRO - si, intr-adevar, face toti banii! Ninsoarea generata pe calculator si celelalte artificii care ar trebui sa ne induca ideea de Craciun, frig (idee subliniata de aproape toate personajele), polei, geamuri inghetate nu functioneaza. Momentul pornirii Daciei rosii: copilul nu ajunge la pedale, insa se insista si Dacia porneste impinsa.
Coming from a mixed background and growing up in a diverse city like Toronto, I’m able to adapt to different cultures very easily.
It takes extra effort for me to stay on my A game while juggling early call times, overnight flights and living out of suitcases. I especially love working for athletic and fitness brands that focus on an active lifestyle.
Is it a role which developed in itself or something you or your agency set out for from the beginning of your career? Would you say you’re more inclined to be associated with streetwear, rather than high fashion, etc.? I became fascinated by how the changes I made in my daily routine immediately affected the way I felt. Ho was poised to bring the show to New York shortly thereafter, but he was dealt a major setback: A diagnosis of Stage 3B colorectal cancer. I got my team together and I told them that I have the money to make it happen, but I don’t have the strength or stamina. He writes the music first to drive the plot and the characters while allowing the text and action to fall into place around it.
M-a emotionat relatia frumoasa pe care personajul mamei si al baiatului au reusit s-o creeze.
Identificam poantele pentru ca erau scrise ca la carte, dar nu pentru ca ma faceau cu adevarat sa rad. Asta e copie exacta si nereusita a unui film de succes de la Hollywood si toata lumea o ridica in slavi.

In primul rand ca e furaciune crasa din alte filme, doar pana acum studiorile pro au facut doar remake-uri (vezi contratimp) deci nu ma mir. I also think the constant visibility from living in a walkable city like New York can provide opportunities that may not be possible anywhere else. I have to be extra conscious of eating right, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and making time to exercise to stay healthy. As for Tokyo it’s one of the next places I want to travel to as soon as I can, whether that be for work or pleasure. I’ve treated modeling as a sport by maintaining an athletic regiment and balanced diet. In the beginning my parents were concerned for my well-being and how I would cope with the pressures of the industry. Ho re-imagines one of the Lone Wolf characters as a female assassin (played by Ai Ikeda), who is on her way to a showdown with the forces of evil. Surgeries, hospital stays, and treatments sapped Ho of his energy, so he decided to put the New York premiere on hold until his health improved. While Deadly She-Wolf is based on a Japanese manga, contains Japanese traditional and contemporary elements, and has several Japanese actors and musicians, Kawahara finds the production unique.
There is a set score for Deadly She-Wolf, but with a live band, there will be a high degree of improvisation. Pana si barba pe care o are banica e copiata din film, decoruri, locul unde se petrece actiune, totul!!
Aceeasi poveste o regasim si in filmele americane, unde nu vezi pic de abur iesind de la respiratie. Part of the excitement for me is adjusting my lifestyle to new climates, and traveling allows me to do that. They stopped worrying after they saw that I was focused, secure and positive enough to not let it get to me. Instead, you’ll hear sophisticated jazz music from a live band with instruments that include the ancient Japanese bass koto, shakuhachi, and fue.
Whether that be learning Muay Thai in Bangkok, getting reflexology in Hong Kong, or running by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there is so much to learn and gain from those experiences. Blending streetwear with high fashion and athletic wear is a style that evolved for me while living in New York City.
While continuing to work with brands and companies associated with general health, well-being, beauty, fashion and fitness. Almost seven years later, the cancer has spread, and he has an estimated six to 18 months to live. Read on for the interview in its entirety and check out Adrianne’s exclusive editorial for the HYPEBEAST Store above.

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