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If you can’t find the exact tie wire listed above slightly thinner would be better than slightly thicker, make sure it is tie wire and not high tensile fencing wire. Grab two of the same length of wire and twist them together using your fingers and the pliers. For the 5inch lengths there is no need to leave a tail on them as they will be used as extra branches, hopefully you have two of each twisted length something similar to the below. Similar to the above process now grab two of the same length twisted wire pairs and twist them together.
Now the fun part begins, you need to shape your wire pairs into some semblance of the start of a tree trunk and branches.
This next part is difficult to describe, however hopefully with my description and the pictures below you’ll be able to work out what I mean.
Your tree should be fairly sturdy now and is hopefully not in any danger of falling back into it’s component parts. If you like you can stop there and call your tree miniature armature done and not worry about adding a few extra branches.
I’ve put magnets in to the base of my tree so that they magnetize down onto the terrain to help stabilize the trees when they are being used during gaming but can be easily lifted out of the way if needed. Take two of your 15mm magnets and super glue them together, next temporarily stick your magnets to the base of the tree and stand the tree on a flat surface check in all dimensions that the tree trunk is approximately vertical and isn’t laying over in one direction or the other.
From the above it would appear the best thing to do is to masking tape the armatures however this does add significant time and is reasonably fiddly as I’ve had to cut the masking tape in half length wise to tape the branches. I tend to stockpile 5-6 armatures before I paint them with a coat or two of acrylic gap filler (If you want to permanently fix your trees to your terrain now is the time to glue them in position on the terrain).
I find I get a better bark texture if I squeeze out some gap filler into a small bowl and then add a few drops of water and mix it in so the gap filler is slightly less goopy. Don’t worry to much if you think the texture looks wrong as you paint it on, even some really weird lumpy textures look very bark like when you get them dry brushed. Once the acrylic filler dries about 12-24 hours trim the base to a roundish circle using the wire root ends as a guide.
Using those as a starting point you should be able to assemble a six inch high tree using the above guide and these wire lengths as a starting point. Hey sorry Brad, I’ll go back and edit it correctly, thanks for picking it up and mentioning.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. I thought they were made from wire frame but I wasn't sure if you make all your trees that way or maybe do other ways as well. I noticed now that I missed the line where you said the pine tree was made with the 3M pad. Hope to finish, next month, a small( 20 inches in HO scale) groupe of Sequadendron giganteum trees with the trunks growing very close together. Jos long time no see my friend, i have used the green 3m pads to make hedgerows, they are great just cut them into strips length ways and glue them down and add some fine foliage,,, Excellent.

Tell you what mate, the shot of the pines above could be an actual forest were it not for the thumb in the shot, this really does give an idea of just how detailed they are.
Content :Sir Henry Botherington Smyth is having a relaxing rest under the shade of a couple of palm trees.
6) Sweets!  We only recommend trying to attach soft sweets like ferrero rocher or marshmallows etc for a sweet tree beginner as these are easily fixed into place using a cocktail stick. I'm thrilled to have captured how small their little hands and feet are before they grow up!
In Australia you can get all the above items from your local hardware store,  except for the magnets, the magnets I used are these magnets available from deal extreme. This is harder to do due the 4 strands of wire, if you need to you can use a second pair of pliers to help with the twisting. Basically you just need to bend the untwisted wire parts down, not as far down as 90 degrees but just slightly sloping upwards, try not to bend the two branches exactly opposite each other, stagger one slightly up and the other slightly down. To help strength the tree further and hold it together, You will need to wrap masking tape tightly around the trunk under each wire branch pair. Once they are all trimmed down you want to bend the roots down so that the tips of each root are level with the base of the magnet.
Take one of your armatures and put a drop of super glue onto the magnet on the underside and try to get a dot on the end of each root, now place the tree down on a piece of thin writing paper so the magnet and root tips glue to the paper, to get a good smooth bond use a metal surface (old computer case wall for example). Below I took are two pictures one shows a group of trees dried after being painted with brown acrylic gap filler and the second a close up of the base and bark texture. Next  paint the underside of the base with some PVA glue, don’t worry that the base is a little wrinkly, the important thing is that the magnet and the wire tips provide the contact points with the ground and these wont be wrinkly.
I’ve been doing the last option as it really helps to bring out the texture of the bark and makes the tree look good on the table.
I’ve been using Woodland Scenics clumping foam stuck on with super glue so they are really durable for wargaming.
In the off chance someone would like to read this as a PDF later on I put one together available here (3mb). There are plenty of photos online of the plant but none that I found stripped down as you said.
These prototypical trees are about 60 meters high and over 500 years old, which are not considered very old trees in the old growth forests of B.C. For this craft, I wanted it to be something special that I would treasure and that my little one would be proud of!
For fall, we are going to cut out leaves and write what we're thankful for and stick them on there! I suffered through postpartum depression and found that crafting helped me feel like myself again and I wanted to share that joy with others! I think in the case of trees paper may not be the best medium.  Below is a bit of a how to on what I did to make my trees.
Deal extreme also sells an 18mm x 2mm magnet which would be interesting to experiment with. Again do not twist the wire pairs all the way together as the end part of the wire becomes the branches.

Next take a short length (8-10cm, 3-4 inches) of masking tape and tape the very bottom of your tree just above the roots, tape as  tightly with the masking tape as you can to help hold the three wire pieces together. Select a location for your branch and size it to about the same length as the other two branches located near it. You want your branches to be evenly spaced around your tree so you will need to bend the other two like sized branches back towards each other ie the angle between your three complimentary sized branches will be approximately 120 degrees.
I find the best way to do this is to bend them down to about where I think they need to be and then check them by standing the tree on a tabletop and bend any up and down that need adjusting. When you brush the gap filler onto the armature brush the gap filler on the trunk in an up and down direction and paint a long the branches (red arrows). After I’ve done the coat of PVA glue I then paint the the underside of the base black. My colour choices for bark have been burnt sienna as the base coat, darkened burnt umber as a wash and Bilious brown as the dry brush highlight. I did a lot of hiking in forests back in the early 1990's especially the virgin rain forests of B.C. I decided it would be fun to make a tree out of my kids' hands and feet so we could use it all year round for different seasons.
If you make a mistake where you'll be painting over, it's no big deal, but if you make a mistake on the canvas, it's not as forgiving as I hoped it would be. I’ve only done single trunk trees however I am going to try multi-trunk and fruit trees later on. If you look at the base of your tree you’ll notice the roots are all crisscrossed over one and other, what you want to do is untwist and pull these out flat. The two pictures below show a bandaged tree and an un-bandaged tree ready for painting with acrylic gap filler. Try to build up a sort of triangular shaped wedge on the underside of the branches were they join the trunk (Green triangles), Don’t paint to much on the branch wire ends just a thin layer to cover the silver wire.
Below are a  couple of pictures of a finished tree armature, in the below picture you can see were I’ve missed the dark brown wash in a few spots as the wood appears redder (most noticeable on branch tips which will eventually be covered in clumping foam). My hubby held her and also made sure the foot we weren't using at the time was clear of the canvas. A few of my favorites are my Washi Tape Frames, Interchangeable Wreath Form, 4th of July Wreath, and my Tutu Tutorial with a twist. I apologies for the below pictures but it was very difficult to take some decent photos to show the build process. The below image shows were you should have the glue placed, feel free to use your hot glue on other spots if you feel the armature needs it. While the hot glue is drying wrap some masking tape around the tree trunk and the branch tail to help hold it in place (the tape is very important if you use PVA glue). Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of myself covered in strands of hot glue and wincing in pain as it stuck to my hands, but hopefully the two pictures below and the description above give you a rough idea of what to do. You want your root ends at this point to be pointing slightly upwards (Yes my roots are slightly longer than needed).

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