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Club members have created club-owned and member-owned modular train sections for placement in large modular layouts.
Modular railroading is a train hobby activity developed in a group setting, which is an appropriate way for families with no room for a full-size layout at home. Members with an affinity for HO-scale modular railroading designed and built a modular layout for operation during TOH events. This four-track, fold-away, door-top-based layout for HO-scale THOMAS trains includes Thomas, Percy, James, Emily, and Gordon locomotives ready for duty on command.
The name ARAUATU comes from what occurred during the construction of the layout - A Row or Two, which indicates how some decisions were made. It is a highly detailed Sn 3.5 model that includes Caversham station, with excellent Southern rural and urban scenery. Thomas the Tank Engine will be racing around the top layer, while Bertie will be circling the lower level at a similar speed. The old 2008 layout is shown above, but this has been vastly improved in that past two years with animation, and a circus tent. In the centre of this area is the largest layout, the hosts 9 metre x 3.5 metre HO American Layout that is now called Route 69.

A Gn15 layout that features a railway taking quartz from a mine to a working gold mining stamping battery. The image above shows the 2008 layout, but this labour of love has resulted in a large extension since that show and now features many more animations. In the centre of the room is a small OO gauge layout called Butterwick Branch, which is based upon English rural and industrial line. Nearby is another bar where CHRISTCHURCH MODEL SUPPLIES will be displaying a large amount of modelling items for sale.
BRITANNIA MODELS are a little further round to your left in another alcove also featuring a large amount of modelling items for sale.
By creating their own module, a family can store it at home, transport it to the Train Open House site, set it in place along with other modules, and have a lot of fun in a day.
This layout was designed for hands-on operation by kids with four separate control stations – one for each track.
It features a loop of track with a poor little diesel train whizzing around at full speed that can be controlled by a child. Route 69 is a northa€“south United States highway that runs south from Albert Lea, Minnesota to Port Arthur, Texas, and the rail line displays some of the trains that may run through that area.

Straight sections and corner sections were joined together at an event as an action exhibit. Youngsters who successfully run the trains during Train Open House events earn a JUNIOR ENGINEER certificate from Chief Engineers Bob and Margaret Huber to take home and display in their room or train room. Don Hansen and Mike Mottler created a dramatic HO-scale straight module with a mountain range above the platform and a waterfall and canyon below the platform. CAMRC members encourage young visitors to take command of the trains and use a hand-held device  to activate locomotive on-board sound effects.
Bill Smith designed and built a straight module with a faux tunnel, a farmstead with a pond, and a house under construction. Doug Wilson created modules with scenic details of a downtown area, an airstrip, and water effects.
Mike, with a lot of help from Doug, created a military module in a mountain setting with an accompanying US Army train.

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