Ho sd70ace up/wp heritage #1983,n scale acela regional,lionel train buildings - Downloads 2016

Addressing of DCC locomotives: Unless the locomotive address has been set to a specific number that you have requested, the locomotive number will be set to the cab-side number. Special Requests: We are happy to accept your special order for something not shown here, and will do our best to find and supply as soon as possible.
Where you wish us to make changes to or modify a locomotive on offer, we will first need to complete the locomotive sale process with you.
Similar features include the full height nose door and rectangular windshields, the large flared radiators with two fans, and the positioning of the dynamic brake equipment at the rear of the long hood.

Where the locomotive has no visible cab-side number is available, we will leave the address at the DCC default address of 3. On the SD70M-2, the prime mover drives an alternator and produces AC current that is rectified to DC current, which powers the traction motors.
In addition, the inverters were moved from inside the long hood to a box on the walkway behind the fireman's side of the cab. Some will also be either sound-equipped or have lighting enhancements, and these will be listed in the description.

On the SD70ACe, the DC current is then "chopped" back into AC to power the traction motors. We always use decoders that also operate well on DC, so all DCC-fitted locomotives are usable on DC or DCC layouts.

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