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Work I hope to emulate in scratch build For this model which I hope to turn into a turntable-mounted diorama, I will be following prior kit builders who have photos of the finished kit online. There is no clear set of instructions, simply a set of templates which give me an idea of the shape and relative sizes of the arious components. Emporium Seafood is my most ambitious project to date and despite the fact I have a set of plans, I still consider this my most challenging scratch build.
I use craft colors to get my basic building colors and rely on powders for the aging process. Without plans calling out specific dimensions, these three ancillary builds took a little extra.
I have learned several new techniques which I have put into this scratch build in hopes of making it better and getting it done quicker. For instance, the Guard House (above) is normally clapboard like the rest of the struture.
Another new (at least for me) sub-project was this polymer casting of a random stone retaining wall.

Once I have laid down the wall color I insert the laser-cut wooden windows and doors, pre-painting the trim before adding the window and door jams. Once I have the four walls completed I set them aside to thoroughly dry.
It is just about the right diameter for an HO Scale watertank, but I was surprised by the correctness of another measurement, circumference. I forgot how to calcuate this with a known diameter but it looked like it would work. Moving on to ancillary pieces, I clear off the glass work area. My favorite was the rooftop water storage tank which started life as a toilet paper roll core which I cut to a scale eight feet. Both the brick walls and the metal roof camem from Model Builder and were printed out on the spot. Selling as a unity set, they run $125 for a set of two with vase. Mine were a buck apiece with the vase an extra $2. Since the price of this unassembled kit today is over $500, I plan to keep my costs under a fifth of that. 4.

Be creative, both in approach and in carrying out the project. The first thing I realized is I would need to build this structure in portions.
It is not a small structure in HO and I work better when I limit my work space to the 16a€? X 20a€? glass surface in front of me. I started by building each of the main structure walls complete cutting and inserting windows and door holes.

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