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Are you tired of scrounging around through swap meets and dusty hobby shop cabinets for the remaining few (and mostly inaccurate) HO scale Champ NKP steam decals? Are you tired of buying an entire sheet of HO scale Microscale NKP diesel decals just to letter (incompletely) a single Berkshire?
Wouldn't you just LOVE to be able to pull out a single, state of the art decal sheet that will completely and accurately letter your favorite HO scale NKP Mike, Hudson or B-11? For a VERY limited time only, a limited number of 100% proto-accurate, HO scale NKP steam engine decals are now available. Painstakingly and laboriously created by NKP modeler David Campbell using original NKP and AMC lettering diagrams, thousands of photos, and hours of work hunched over his computer monitor, these HO scale decals will ACCURATELY letter NKP steam engines painted between 1918 and 1960.
Right now, a VERY limited number of TWO different HO scale decal sets are for sale: NKP Berkshires, and NKP Mikados. Fewer than 100 sets of each of these decals available RIGHT NOW on a first come, first served basis.
Many steam locomotives are awe inspiring, having so much mechanical action, sound and visual impact. While lesser known to the general public, the Selkirk steam locomotives built by Montreal Locomotive Works are perhaps even more impressive. That job was to conquer the rugged and unforgiving slopes of the Selkirk Mountains between Calgary and Revelstoke.

The Berkshire sets include all of the correct class and tender data for all five classes of engines, includes CORRECT flying numberboard and headlight numerals, and even BOTH types of Wheeling lease data for those tenders.
Proofed and re-proofed by several renown NKP modelers, these sets were printed by Rail Graphics Custom Decals (and then printed again to work out the remaining bugs!).
Each set will letter ONE engine, and include both Duluxe Gold and white lettering on the same sheet.
Built for Canadian Pacific starting in 1929, these 2-10-4’s were big, weighing in at as much as 340 metric tons.
And while they did not pull the heaviest load of any steam locomotive, they worked where no other steam locomotive could have survived. Perhaps the most uniquely Canadian steam locomotive, they featured many design features and modifications that allowed them to excel in their environment. So, if you have missed these in the past, now is your chance to get one of these great locomotives.
When these are gone, and when this first round of interest wanes, the decals will disappear forever.
The majesty with which these marvels of their time performed is unmatched by modern diesels.
The Selkirk was the largest workhorse of the Canadian Pacific on the western mountain slopes, and was the largest non-articulated locomotive in the British Empire.

The Mikado set will letter any of the 10 classes of Mikes, and includes both the 7" and 9" "Nickel Plate Road" name for various tenders, as well as capacity data sets for 11 different Mike tenders.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these decals, please drop me a message at this email. Even when diesels finally overtook them and most were taken out of service, there was still a need for the Selkirk. The minimum run size for reorders is 25 sets, so if demand tips that number, we'll make more. The ONLY thing that I can think of that isn't on the sets are the WWII-era C&O-style flying numberboard numerals for the Berkshires.
So ask for as many sets as you think you'll ever want; I'll let everyone who misses out on these first decals if and when new runs will be printed.

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