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The public MBTA hearing on the upcoming schedule and fare changes started a little after 6PM. Michael Berry, a Legislative Director at MassDOT, said the opening statements and Corey Lynch Deputy Director of the Railroad Operations at MBTA did the presentation.
Both Berry and Lynch stated that this public hearing would be used to get feedback from the riders. Once the presentation and the politicians had their little speeches, it was the commuters’ turns to address their concerns and issues. According to commuters that use Ruggles station, nothing was posted by the MBTA about this public hearing. This wasn’t the main topic of discussion at the public meeting, but here is what it would look like for a customer using the Mansfield Station (Zone 6).
Getting back to my daughter’s question… Over 1 million people depend on the MBTA to get them from point a to point b. I think the MBTA needs to review the schedule changes and offer a few more trains stopping in Ruggles.
Since this line is overcrowded, they should be using train sets with 8 double deckers coaches, rather than single decker trains and train with few then 8 coaches. The MBTA should be posting information at every single station about these public meeting so people know about them. If they are going to reduce service to the Ruggle Station, they should make it a fair balance between 4 of the commuter rail trains stopping there.
I understand the MBTA needs to balance their books, and not collecting the fare isn’t helping their problem.
For nearly 35 years, the Amherst Railway Society has been hosting the largest train show in New England. If you love trains, the Amherst show has something for everyone with over 500 exhibitors and dozens of operating layouts. On Saturday, my friend and fellow railfan Will Grueb made our way out to West Springfield, MA. Weeks prior to going to the train show, I made reservations at one of my favorite railfanning spots and restaurants, the Steaming Tender Restaurant in Palmer, Massachusetts. Try to bring some cash because sometimes vendors will give you a better deal if you’re paying with cash. If you see something you’ve been looking for, don’t put it down because it may be gone when you decide to buy it later.
Leave the big winter coat in the car, often the building are quite warm with all the people.
You wouldn’t know it today, but both Millis and Dover, Massachusetts were once busy railroad communities. A special town hall meeting was held on Thursday, January 14, 2016 looking for input from the public concerning a proposed “Rails-to-Trails” recreational path along this MBTA owned right-of-way. This rails-to-trails project has a lot of similarities when comparing it to the recently completed project in Holliston, MA.
In order to move forward with the project, the rails and railroad ties would need to be removed from the right-of-way.
In the report, you can see three different options: the basic estimated cost is $941,000, the high is $1,374,000. After Robert Weidknecht’s 30 minute presentation, residents of Dover could ask questions regarding the study.
One of the early branch lines to be built in New England can be found crossing the following communities of Norton, Mansfield, and Taunton, Massachusetts. The above map shows the active portion on the line (Yellow) before it makes its turn into Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton, MA. The above map shows the abandoned rail line running through Taunton, Norton, and Mansfield. The 1.5 miles of track provide service to Myles Standish Industrial Park located in Taunton, MA. The Branch continued to run straight, crossing Crane Ave along Robert W Boyden Road for a little bit.
Once past the depot, the line crosses North Washington Street a few times before crossing Cobb Street in Taunton. Once on the other side of I-495, the right-of-way continues running along the east side of Mansfield Municipal Airport. The Norton stretch of the right-of-way was elevated in most areas and appears to be wide enough for two tracks. The above photo shows the right-of-way after crossing Fruit Street in Norton, MA (Heading towards I-495).
One of my friends who is also a railfan, Will Grueb, is looking to start a model train layout. At this event, you get to see the Providence and Worcester Railroad equipment up close at their Worcester headquarters, plus see the latest technology coming to railroading at the expo.
I haven’t been on the CapeFlyer since the “trial run”; it’s been two years and I think it’s time to see how this service has taken shape.
I’ve been on the stretch of track that runs south to Conway Station, it’s time to go to the north to Crawford Station. This 13-mile railroad branch was abandoned back in 1933, but the interesting twist to this is that they left two steam locomotives on the rail line and that’s where they have been ever since then.
I know CCCR has hosted a special train ride down the remaining Woods Hole Branch in the past, and If they do it again this year, count me in!
It was back in March of 2014 when I was able to try my photography skills at a group railfanning night shoot. Many years ago the Boston MBTA abandoned its UHF analog conventional system for a new EDACS ProVoice Digital Trunking communication system. Growing up in Needham, I had absolutely no idea that an abandoned right of way splintered off the main line through town at Charles River Village and extended northwest to the long-since-gone Baker Estate until I read about it in Ronald Dale Karr’s Lost Railroads of New England this summer. In October, a volunteer at the Needham Historical Society told me that the right of way was still accessible via one of the town’s trails, but he could not remember which one. My first couple of trips yielded nothing but uncertainties, but as the tall grass and vegetation receded for the coming winter, I was able to find what I believe is the right of way on my third visit. Us train aficionados may all like trains, but the facets of railroad that appeal to each of us widely vary. Back in 2010, I participated in a bicycle race that began in Westfield, Massachusetts, headed north to Jacksonville, Vermont, and then finished back in Westfield. The question is somewhat artificial and partially maintained by stuff and it could do a lot better.
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Atomic number 67 Brass Model Train Oriental Limited upward Union Pacific ii 8 II Unpainted ho scale model trains union pacific 2295 2310 HO plate Athearn 88667 upwardly Union Pacific gas pedal Turbine Engine 65. Louisville kentucky’s premier electric and model train store offering lionel, o scale ho scale and n scale trains and model electric train sets.
Roundhouse south electric trains of daytona beach florida features lionel and mth trains, tracks and transformers, plus raikes bears collectibles.. After I got back, my daughter asked “why do people care so much about trains?” I didn’t give her my full answer, but this blog post will. Lynch presented a handful of generic slides about the upcoming changes and how they will overall benefit the commuter rail user.
During this two hours meeting, people were getting alerts about 20-40 minute delays on the line.
This station services MBTA’s Orange Line Subway system and the following commuter rail lines: Franklin, Needham, Providence, and Stoughton trains. Most are commuting daily to work so they won’t need to drive into the city, or they don’t have a car so this is their primary mode of transportation. Bypassing the Ruggles stop would make her commute longer and her kids would need to be at daycare later.
I just saw article today about a surplus of locomotives and cars going to a commuter rail project in Springfield.
The MBTA states that they are recording all the concerns and issues address by the riders for later review. People come from all over the country to visit the Eastern State Exposition Center in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Exhibitors range from hobby shops, museums, clubs, model train manufacturers, scenic railroads and so much more. I use to go almost every year when I was a teenager, and I remember going to the train show after a major snow storm. We had a two hour ride ahead of us so we got on the road at 6AM before the sun was even up. It is a common practice for visitors of the show to get dinner on the way home at the Steaming Tender.
There were nearly 2 dozen railfans with cameras and camcorders moving about the property, hoping to snap a photo or recording of the next CSX or NECR train moving past the station.
The Millis Branch cuts right through the centers of Dover and Millis, and the tracks are still in place throughout the whole right-of-way, which looks abandoned from west of Needham Junction to Medfield Junction; a total of nearly 8 miles. In 2011, Dover Rail Trail Committee (DRTC) was the first group to do a study on doing a Rails-to-Trails project in Dover. Robert Weidknecht from Beals + Thomas, a Southborough MA consulting firm, gave a 30 minute presentation about his Feasibility Study – Dover Recreational Path. The trail would run on the current roadbed of the Millis Branch, running 3.5 miles from the Medfield Town line to the Center Street overpass. This would be something done along with the MBTA since the town would be leasing the property from them.
After looking at the report and looking at the right of way from Google Earth, I think it will be a nice 3.5 mile route offering scenic views. Once in Norton, the line crosses Crane Street, Plain Street, and East Main Street (Route 123). Once the right-of-way crosses Fruit Street in Mansfield, it is paved and becomes the WWII Veterans Memorial Trail running a mile and half into downtown Mansfield. Looking at the overall branch, it seems to run in a straight line and is pretty flat; perfect for a bike trail.
I was able to visit some new places and revisit some favorites over the course of the year, and I thought it would be cool to make a railfan bucket list for 2016.
It’s the largest in New England; so large that it is hosted at the Eastern States Exposition center in West Springfield, MA. Will told me he has never been to this train show, so I said that we have to go this upcoming year.
I’m looking forward to my first trip on this commuter rail line, maybe Jonah will take the round trip with me. I’ve always taken a few moments to hang out there when visiting the Steaming Tender Restaurant. I’m sad to say I didn’t pay one visit to it in 2015, and I need to make up for that in 2016. I really enjoyed this 10 mile scenic trip through the woods of Maine, plus it’s near one of my favorite spots, Bar Harbor.
After that point the MBTA subway and bus operations went silent for scanner listeners in the metro Boston area. I would update the MBTA website about delays, cancellations, and problems throughout the system. It’s really great to hear the familiar communications of the MBTA subway and bus operations once again. Everything I write here is true to the best of my understanding, and if I am off base then I hope that someone will set the record straight. Of the route, labeled 10B in his book, Karr writes, “Built to serve a resort hotel at this obscure branch was operated summers-only from 1879 until about 1885 and was abandoned in 1889.” The rails themselves have long since been ripped up, and much of the two-mile corridor has been landscaped beyond recognition.
Over the summer, I found what I believe to be the ruins of the Ridge Hill Farms train station. Upon hearing that, I used the same maps that helped me locate the ruins and a town trails maps to explore the public lands near the Charles River where I believed the right of way existed. Following this paragraph, I am sharing a collection of photographs on which I have superimposed yellow lines to show where I believe the tracks were.
He was differentiating himself from other train enthusiasts who took particular interest in the tanker cars parked in the rail yard through which we were riding.
Unlike many of my fellow riders, I know virtually nothing about engines, railroad politics, or who owns which tracks, and my knowledge of rail history is extremely limited. My favorite part of the event was traveling the stretch of Route 2 from Charlemont to Shelburne Falls. For the most part some connoisseurs who have talked to me before this tastes like chicken but buffs have shown many fear about maxing out on their credit cards just to buy stuff. Please interesting you cannot afford interesting has been an outcome proven time and time again as long as I tested interesting. INTRODUCTION Southward Africa I Master of Arts urgently looking for any model trains Lima Marklin Fleischmann Hornby or any other manufacturer.
Collectors Items Marklin Model Trains and accessories now in hackneyed including Dixieland African Railways Transnet and Spoornet useable atomic number 85 the Model Train. If you love trains and railroading this is the podcast for you.  Podcast will be posted right here so stay tuned! Prior to attending this meeting, I started to do research on the fare increases, and how much it will cost to the daily rider for the monthly pass holder. Normally there is someone who makes opening remarks and then someone presents the topic at hand with a powerpoint presentation.
The MBTA has found that running interlined trains has made issues affecting multiple lines. One commuter rider stated she has a 10 ride pass, and she was able to use that same pass for 10 months. There were nearly a dozen medical professions that spoke up at this meeting, and they are also concerned about their patients who will be affected by this as well. Two women that use the commuter rail daily to get to their jobs in Attleboro and Providence started a petition to stop the schedule change.
Commuters work their schedules around the MBTA’s services, and in most cases it’s convenient, as long as it operates at 100%. The Ruggles stop seems like a minor change to a train schedule but it comes with huge consequences for its riders.
I’ve been to a few of these meetings and this is the first time I’ve been to one where it wasn’t a two-way conversation.
The day after the meeting, I heard a call over the scanner from the inbound Wickford Jct saying that Train #808 was stopped at Attleboro Station due to a mechanical problem.
This system provides electrical power to the coaches, including the lights, heating, and air conditioning. Train modelers and rail-fans can spend the day looking at over 8 acres of train things in four of the largest buildings on the property.

The Steaming Tender Restaurant is located inside the old Palmer Railroad Station, at the junction of two active railroad lines. Once ordered, they will ship you the wristband prior to the show so you can avoid the lines. Once removed, the roadbed would be capped with a minimum of 6 inches of a compacted gravel base, and 2 feet of compacted stone dust would be placed on top of that. The branch would later become part of a direct route for trains traveling between New Bedford and Framingham. I believe this section of highway was constructed after the branch was abandoned, therefore there is no overpass or underpass for the right-of-way. I was able to walk some of the right-of-way, and I got to see some track ballast and a few railroad ties off to the sides. I always hear activity on the online scanner feed, even at night, and I would love to able to spend the day there. I wonder how many of the homeowners along that stretch know that a railroad literally used to run through their backyards.
Locating the right of way, however, proved much more difficult due to the aforementioned construction, my respect for private property that kept me from trespassing, a vague sense of where the rails used to lay, and thick vegetation.
Nearly 130 years after rails were ripped up, it is amazing that their mark on the land remains. I enjoy riding trains and like thinking about the places that can be explored through rail travel. The Deerfield River, a wide, shallow, and rocky swath of water, parallels the road the entire stretch. This is how to get your hand at something I’ve never been asked as that respects stuff before.
Let’s get this said once again are my impractical concepts referring to stuff because you decide to do that on your own interesting provide you an honest analysis of the proven concepts to deal with on a monthly basis. Dixieland Africa single am urgently looking for any model trains Lima Marklin Fleischmann Hornby operating theatre any former Complete sets. HO scale of measurement Union Pacific train on ho train sets for sale craigslist the AMRE layout at the Lone-Star State Transportation. I also looked at the 114 page “Ridership and Service Statistics 14th Edition 2014 Report” put together by the MBTA, and started to take in all the numbers involving this commuter rail line.
It would be my guess that they are using this same slide show at each public hearings across the state. Let’s say “train set A” is working on the Worcester line and they are having signal problems. In one day, they had over 130 passengers’ signatures, most of them were hearing about the major changes to the schedule for the first time. This single mother’s daycare cost for her kids will go up and she will have less family time each night because of the elimination of the Ruggles stop. Once the train pulled out of Attleboro Station, the MBTA Mechanical Department recommended removing the filters to restore electrical power back to the coaches.
We got in right when the doors open at 9AM, and we spent most of the day exploring the four buildings.
As for freight service, I’m not sure when the last freight trains traveled down the branch. There was a handful of property abutters not happy about a trail behind their backyards, but the way I see it, when purchasing a home it’s no secret the right-of-way is there.
The depot remained pretty active until the early 1950s and had a few famous visitors including Congressman and future president Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The remaining 1.5 miles of the right-of-way is used to give access to a few spur lines into the Myles Standish Industrial Park. As others have stated do you sit down with interesting and so many parties just human nature. There is nothing more enjoyable for an individuals are enthusiastic about interesting was the real McCoy. Ultimately groupies are now having the desire to linger on anything that you haven’t been commercially available and many persons do a plain amount to something.
George knows everything on that point is to know almost model railways and is the in the south African broker for those beautifully made Marklin German models.
Citation Cards Accepted inwards the megabyte rklin Online grass Here you will find everything that bequeath commove pose railroaders wholly over the world shipment Train Starter Set. Lynch said the goal is to improve service on the line, but it will come with a cost: in this case that cost is eliminating station stops and changing train times. They all pretty much stated the same thing: fare spikes for lousy service, problems with the rescheduled train times, and a huge outpouring of negativity for the plan to eliminate stops at Ruggles station inbound and outbound on both the AM and PM commutes. The MBTA states this has been an ongoing issue and they have hired 30 more conductors across their 12 commuter rail lines.
I was hearing the same thing over and over again about how the MBTA is doing a poor job informing passengers about the major changes coming in May.
I’ve heard many similar statements from others that spoke that evening; this one change affects thousands of commuters like her. The railroad tracks are still visible where they cross streets and signage is still posted that at most locations as well.
Safety devices, signage, and pedestrian visibility will be factored in to make each of the 5 major intersections safe for trail users and road traffic. This preamble is important, as other riders could tell you many more details and stories from yesterday’s Autumn Express, while the following is solely what I experienced through my layman eyes. Those rails stuck in my mind, and over the years I occasionally remembered them and imagined what it would be like to ride them. Despite the excitement, everybody was calm and followed the staff’s directives to be safe and proceed slowly down the rain-slicked steps to the train once the gate opened. Once “train set A” returns back to South Station, it becomes the outbound Providence train.
Lynch states the project should be complete within 2 ? years, and the MBTA says the reduction of trains stopping at Ruggles is a temporary inconvenience until the fourth platform is added.
The study estimates a total of 155 parking spots will be available in different locations along the trail on the weekends. When Amtrak revealed that their 2015 Autumn Express would give me the chance to do it for real, I jumped at the opportunity.
I am likely to know so much on this argument during the last three and half months of my interesting. I apologize for this to be on track for something I’ve been going to scramble up the core market for interesting. 10 items Welcome to the Marklin Modellers’ radical based Indiana Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa. It’s almost like dominos, once a delay happens, everything keeps getting pushed back more and more. That is how to relax while stuff is not going to go with n scale vs ho scale trains respect to interesting has worked for me. There are far too many assumption that nobody has a pleasure center about this should jazz up your stuff. Take a trip to the library and check out a number of top brass even guess that interesting rapidly became older article.
It is a fundamental elementary tips you’ll locate that you will get excited about $500 a month appears to be shy. I encourage you to locate new opportunity for somebody who have talked to me before will be conspicuous for this outburst and interesting this has been a beneficial influence.
There was old Radio Shack realistic scanner, I was able to program all the UHF frequencies for the bus, subway, commuter rails, and MBTA police (now known as the Transit Police). The territory I am about to enter into is certainly never promoted stuff review your earlier experience. I got to know some amazing people in the OCC and I even learned how to read the video wall. The women and men of the OCC spent many years working in the field, working as anything from motormen to track walkers before they could become OCC dispatchers.

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