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ShareThis I recently finished work on a manuscript for a new book on steel mill modeling for Kalmbach Publishing.
I will add it to my wish list when it comes out.  The bottle car looks especially good - can you tell us what scale it is?
Seems if you threw a stone anywhere around the Cleveland area it landed in the middle of a different industrial complex. If you ever come to New York City, I'd love to give you a tour of just what happened to NYC since 1950. Having seen your meticulous attention to detail elsewhere I fully expect this book to be a winner! 5121725 State Tool & Die CMA -725 ladle car kit builds all versions with and without wings.

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After moving to the greater Cleveland area, I think I've found a local prototype to model in HO scale. Right now I'm trying to gather as much information as I can find on Internet for this Mill.
Thank you for taking the time to collect and share this wealth of information (plus your usual gorgeous eye-candy).
Part of the scene includes two steel operations, so I'll need to get up to speed on this aspect soon. There are parts of NYC that looked very diffrent even 50 years ago than they do today. You will have to add handrails, piping, machinery covers, metal wheels (it comes with plastic wheels).
Hopefully you'll sell it through Alkem just like you did your previous one of which I have an autographed copy that you sent me. What with taxes, the cost of labor and the rise of unions, insurance and government regulations, businesses found tha they could not compete and so they either went out of business ore moved elsewhere.

The lower photo is an HO scale factory assembled hot metal car weathered to look like the prototype photo. Many weren't and now that trend still continues as clerical, financial and other jobs are being exported overseas.
No one in Washington DC ever bothers to look at the root causes of this because is the number one reason why the economy is such big trouble.
People who are unemployed can't buy anything and even have trouble payong off the debt they have accumulated. Rather than sending money to Chrysler, GM and the banking industry, that money would be best spent ins solving the unemployment and debt paying problems the government has created or allowed to happen.

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