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MM doesn't really show a lot in the photo so I cant really tell, but it seems like the MM ones offer far less variety in spacing and off-set than is available from Archer. Discussion related to everything about model railroading, from layout design and planning, to reviews of related model tools and equipment. MLE has, for some time, made collapsible hitches in HO & N scales, and they recently added a new style. Nate, from what I hear, they have some very small order quantities, in the low 100's if I remember right. One thing to remember that I'm not sure everyone realizes is that, once assembled, these hitches will really raise and collapse and they will lock securely in the raised position. The time involved in getting these hitches just right so that they could do that was extensive, meticulous and sometimes nerve-wracking to say the least! Folded, assembed & painted sample of the N scale N-01 series hitch mounted on a kitbashed TTRX spine car (decals not included).

Product FeaturesOne of the most versatile machines in railroading, the Kershaw Model 26 Ballast Regulator can be found on the maintenance roster of every Class 1 US and Canadian railroad.
My rivet embosser tool is good for strips and rivets at a panel edge but sometimes I need to have them in the middle of a panel.
One the prototype, these machines spread and shape the ballast between and alongside the rails, preparing it for the tampers. To date, I have been using gel super glue and trying to control position and size at the same time with limited success (very limited) Marc is right of course, rivets are not always perfectly convex. When was the collapsable hitch invented for TOFC service, perhaps late '60 eraly 70's or what? This HO Scale model builds into a detailed replica and with careful assembly, many of the parts are positionable. Similar to the discussion, I always liked the look of the handmade carriage bolts on big old barn door strap hinges, never one perfectly round.

Only nuisance with those plates is that you either have to shell out $100 for the full set, or find the group you're looking for (I was lucky enough to find a block that included the numbers I wanted being sold individually). The front transfer plow blade swings, and can be raised and lowered, as can the sweeping machinery at the rear. The model includes a full cab interior, plus decals, window glazing and etched brass windshield wipers.

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