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I have been testing various types of couplers for use on my Bronx Terminal layout, trying to find a good mix of appearance and performance. There is no question that these couplers look great.  They are scale, and noticeably smaller than Kadee couplers. To uncouple the cars, a magnetic uncoupling wand is used.  On the end of the wand is a small magnet that is simply touched to the top of the coupler releasing the knuckle and opening the coupler. One trouble area I find is that they can occasionally be hard to get to reliably couple.  Seems that a bit more force than normal is required to get the knuckles to stay closed. I have found that polishing off some of the rust finish with a rotary tool helps quite a bit, but still they can be occasionally hard to close.  Not sure how irritating I would find that. Truck-mounted couplers in HO became a no-no in HO, because of the horn-hook couplers, which work by pushing sideways. While I have yet to outfit my entire collection with them, all my motive power and most of my more frequently run rolling stock are fitted with Sergents. I have successfully managed to get a Sergeant Coupler and a Kadee #58 to lock knuckles to get a train around a layout.

Kadee and Sergent are nor directly compatible, you are right, however, just as a Kadee and a Horn Hook CAN be coupled if you open the Serget copupler, back it into the Kadee pusehed all the way to the side fo the car, then push the couplers back to center so that the Sergent knuckle will wrap around the Kadee’s knuckle, you can get it to lock. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. SCALE MINIATURES (for Model Railroading, Scale Modeling, Smaller Scale Miniaturists, Set Designers and Scale Diorama Scenes). But they are also completely incompatible with Kadee couplers, so its an all or nothing decision to use them.
Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. Backing up would invariably force a truck to derail, so body-mount works much better, as well as looks better. I’ve had the same problem with the knuckles not locking at times, but the realistic look and function are too important to give up.
I have a smallish fleet of New Haven diesels and (so far) about 20 cars and what i have fitted with Sergeants looks great and operate well.

Just a number 2 pencil and some some sliding the couplers together to remove knuckle flash and they work perfectly. It will work with McHenrys and the Walthers ProtoMax couplers as well, though some Kdee clone knuckles are simply too thick to fit.
For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate. Plus, having to open the knuckle and line the couplers into position have slowed the switching process which makes it more realistic and fun. I’am now equipping everything in my fleet with them,my freight cars have much more detail now because I started putting lift bars and airhoses on everything!. I have one guy in our rr group who constantly puts down the Sergent couplers,says you can’t see the detail in a moving train.

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