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Your Black Bear Jig will contain the following items:If you have misplaced any of our documentation, you can view and download what ever you need from here. Prototype Size64'-8" spanPrototype Size, unmodified, the lumber supplied in the associated materials pack will build a bridge this size. Product DescriptionDue to the demand of modelers all over the world, BLMA is proud to announce this stunning bridge as their first completely assembled brass model. Can anyone please identify this HO scale signal bridge kit, the manufacturer or the model number? Louis, I can't tell if that bridge is brass or not, but I can tell you that AHM used to make a two track signal bridge of the same design.

Frank,To post the pics straight on, up on the format header of the posting form is the icon that says insert image if you click on that it will place *[image] [image]* on your post find your pics as usual and then copy and paste the data line in the space between the two image brackets.
The footings are not the same but CB did make a few different styles of the signal bridges. Then delete the download attactment paragraph that shows up in the posting form otherwise you will also post the attactment like you just did. You want just the two images in the brackets and the data line inbetween left in your post. I have modified several with new signal targets from Oregon Supply, a little paint and some tubing to hide the wires and it looks great.

One other thing make sure this is on the left margin as the pic will be too far to the right.I hope I helped.

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