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While there are some model train lovers who like having a garden train out in their yards, and others who’ve dedicated whole attics and basements to huge, detailed, layouts. There are plenty of other hobbyists who don’t have the space for these, but we still want to be able to use more than one layout, or do more than just a simple oval.
The huge number of people who use model trains, means that manufacturers have made tracks and trains in just about every size conceivable. HO train sets offer a good balance of the detail of the larger scales of train and the smaller space requirement of the tiny models such as N scale trains. This scale did not become popular overnight; when they were first introduced to hobbyists in the UK in the 1930s, they failed to catch on due to the popularity of OO scale trains. When HO scale trains came to the US around 1950 however, they quickly caught on and are a favorite with model train enthusiasts to this day.
Since HO Scale trains are the most popular scale, it is the easiest to find trains, tracks, accessories and pre-made layouts for. For the hobbyist who wants model trains which offer plenty of detail, are easy to find, and easy to build creative layouts for in a reasonable amount of space, HO scale trains are the way to go.

Aloha & Western Oregon Lines Model Train Club boasts Beaverton's largest HO model train layout. Please note by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. Other than Lauritzen Gardens and the bear trap at the Dodge House, RailsWest Railroad Museum had to be my children’s favorite stop during Railroad Days.
I put the baby in a back carrier to take him up the stairs and through the exhibits, trying to keep up with the other children. Here are some pictures of what you will see here, courtesy of the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County. Virtually every company who produces model trains and accessories manufactures them in this scale. We briefly saw the HO scale model railroad display, but it wasn’t running like a couple of the other displays we had seen at other locations.
They liked the cabooses, climbing on the engines, and just about everything about this location.

If you have a kid who likes trains, this is a great place to go to help them get a feel for their real size and function.
General Dodge surveyed the railroad lines east of Council Bluffs back in 1853 and later the route west, enabling Council Bluffs to be a key terminal in the transcontinental railroad. On the second day, we wanted to see the other Council Bluffs locations, but we didn’t want to waste the time on the bus. We parked here because I was confident I could find this location and knew there would be parking available.
The kids begged to see (and run through) the railroad cars again, so we spent some time doing that after we had visited the other two Council Bluffs sites.

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